RockyMounts HighNoon FC 2″ Fender Compatible Hitch Rack

Looking for a bike rack that can handle just about any bike you throw at it? Look no further than the RockyMounts HighNoon FC. The RockyMounts HighNoon FC rack is compatible with bikes both with and without fenders, and can carry up to two bikes with a weight capacity of 60 lbs per tray (120 lbs total). And if you need to carry three bikes, simply add on an additional tray and you’re good to go (with a weight capacity of 45 lbs per tray). Here is our RockyMounts HighNoon FC review.

The Lab

One of the highlights about the HighNoon FC is that it doesn’t make any contact with your bike’s frame. Instead, it secures your bike by the front wheel, which helps to prevent any damage or scratches to your bike. And with the ability to carry road tires up to 5.0″ fat bike tires, and diameters from 20″ to 29″, this rack is perfect for just about any bike out there. 

The HighNoon FC is also incredibly versatile when it comes to fitting different bikes. It’s compatible with bicycles with wheelbases from 36″ to 52″. If you need to access your hatch, the HighNoon FC folds flat against the vehicle and tilts down 30 degrees to allow for easy hatch access. If you have a cargo van or a vehicle with a flat back, you may need to use an 8″ hitch extension to ensure that your wide mountain bike handlebars clear the doors.

The HighNoon FC rack includes an anti-wobble hitch pin to minimize shake. It also has a locking hitch bolt, cable lock, and standard lock pods, all of which are keyed the same so you only need one key. There is an additional metal loop to use your own lock as well. At just 39 lbs , this rack is lightweight and easy to handle.

Our Thoughts

Over the last few weeks I have been putting the RockyMounts HighNoon FC to work on a long road trip. The ebike I wanted to bring has fenders, and my rack didn’t support that quite well. The RockyMounts HighNoon FC ability to carry ebikes with fenders fit the bill perfectly.

The HighNoon FC was fairly easy to assemble straight out of the box. It comes with all the tools and bolts that you need to assemble and install the rack onto your hitch. Coming in at 39lbs, it was easy to lift by myself to put into the hitch. The anti-wobble hitch pin does a decent job at keeping the shaking to a minimum when driving. I opted to add another anti-rattle hitch tightener I had to eliminate as much wobble as possible.

The fact that the HighNoon FC arm does not grab onto the frame of the bike is great. This will prevent the rack from scratching your bike. The arm grabs securely to the front wheel right at the edge of the fender, and then secured again with two rubber straps. The rear wheel is secured with a strap to prevent that from moving. The HighNoon also comes with strap extenders for the rear wheel to be compatible with larger fat tires. With two bikes of similar size, I did run into the seat of one bike hitting the handlebar of the other. Just needed to raise the seat a little to clear the bars, an easy 15 second adjustment.

RockyMounts recommends cutting the rubber straps that wrap around the front wheel once you find the correct length. I left mine uncut since I am not sure which bikes I will be testing on here in the future. Instead I wrapped the strap around the wheel once then secured in on the hook. This way there wasn’t any extra flapping around in the wind.

When securing a bike without fenders you just need to slide that arm towards the fork. It is very convenient to be able to carry an ebike with or without fenders. This opens this rack up to be used with all sorts of bikes that we test.

The HighNoon FC folds up easily when you aren’t carry a bike and tucks closely to your vehicle. I didn’t have issues with the bars of the bike being to close to my van, but I could see it close if you were to have an ebike with extra wide bars. For my van specifically (tiny van problems) I could not open up the back doors even with tilting the rack down. Luckily, I have doors on both sides so this wasn’t that big of an issue.

The cable lock that comes with the HighNoon FC adds some peace of mind when leaving the bike on the rack. I wouldn’t leave an ebike on there overnight, but for running into the store or grabbing some food after a ride it will do the job to deter theft. It isn’t recommended to drive with the cable lock on the bike while driving as it may scratch your bike. I kept it on going through some larger cities, but wouldn’t recommend keeping it on at all times. The added ability to put a stronger lock through the welded on loop is a nice addition to this rack.

Over the 2,000 plus miles I have driven with the RockyMounts HighNoon FC I have had zero issues. Loading up the bike onto the rack is simple and quick. Having the ability to carry ebikes with and without fenders easily and securely is very awesome. If you are looking for a premium rack that doesn’t hook onto your frame and is fender compatible, the RockyMounts HighNoon FC is a great option. 

Hitch Size: 2″ or 1.5″ available

Price: $579.95
Website: RockyMounts HighNoon FC

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