The New Velotric Summit 1

Velotric announces their Summit 1, this is their first jump into the eMTB category of electric bikes. Starting at $1799, the Summit 1 is no stranger to the tech, performance, and accessories that we’ve come to know from Velotric.

The Summit 1 is a Class 1, 2, or 3 aluminum framed hardtail electric bike with 120mm of front suspension. With a powerful motor and large battery, Velotric launches the Summit 1 for beginner and novice riders looking to expand their electric adventures to more rugged offroad terrain.

Starting at $1799, the Summit 1 comes in two frame sizes accommodating riders from 5’1″ – 6’6″ and will be available in three colors: Royal Blue, Sunrise Orange, and Space Black.

As with all of our Tech Checks, this is not intended to be a long term review or endorsement of a product but is instead a chance for our viewers and readers to get a deeper look into some of the newest tech and products in electric bikes. We thank Velotric for the opportunity to create this feature and for getting you some valuable insight on this new offering.

The Lab

Powerful Performance: The Velotric Summit 1 uses Velotric’s VELOPOWER drive unit, a 750w motor with a peak power of 1300w at 90nm of torque. This uses a UL 2271 certified 48v 14.7Ah with a ~705Wh battery that provides all the power necessary to tackle steep hills at speed. Additionally, the battery is removable from the frame and has an operable range of up to 70 miles.

Enhanced Performance and Safety: The Summit 1 has a UL 2271 certification on the battery and a UL 2849 on the whole bike. Not only does this set Velotric apart from other electric bikes, but also ensure a quality bike. Additionally, the Summit 1 has an IPX-6 weather rating on the bike as a whole and an IPX-7 on the battery.

Frame and Wheel Fitment: The Summit 1 is a hardtail eMTB with an aluminum frame. Both Regular and Large frames are a standard high step frame design. The choice of 27.5 wheel size allows for a lower center of gravity and large volume tires. It comes with 2.4″ wide Kenda tires and has room to fit up 3.0″ wide tires.

Superior Components: A Shimano 8-speed drivetrain has been outfitted on the Summit 1, and the cassette is compatible with Shimano 11-speed drivetrains for those that would like to upgrade. Equipped with Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes featuring 180mm rotors for dependable stopping power. A 130 LUX front light and an integrated rear light with 3 modes (High, Steady, Flash) enhance visibility of riders and for the rider. Along with a stout construction, the Summit 1 has an 120mm Hydraulic Suspension fork with a lockout. For added stength and support for more rugged riding the fork and front wheel use a 15×110 BOOST thru-axle.

Impressive Payload Capacity: Uncommon in the eMTB category, the Summit 1 has a max payload capacity of 440 lbs (200kg).

Customizable Accessories: Steering towards eTrekking and Commuting, the Summit 1 can support a lot of cargo for all types of adventures. Velotric offers a variety of accessories to purchase on their site, including aluminum fenders and a MIK HD rear rack.

Quick Specs

  • 750w Motor

  • 48v 14.7 Ah Battery

  • Class 1, 2, 3

  • Shimano 8-speed

  • 27.5 x 2.4

  • $1799

Tech and Features

Velotric includes leading tech and features into their lineup and the Summit 1 is no stranger to these integrations. There is a 2.8″ color LCD display that reveals all the necessary information with a clean User Interface. The Dispaly has a USB-A charging port to keep your smart phone or other accessories charged up while you ride.

The Velotric App pairs almost instantaneously with the Summit 1. The App gives you easy access to adjust your settings, track your rides, and even execute updates to the Velopower drive system.

The App gives you control to modify the three different ride modes: Eco, Trail, Boost. That’s right, the Summit 1 has three different modes or tunes to supply power through the five different levels of pedal assist. Eco is generous to power and battery consumption, Boost is an all out power supply, and Trail sits tightly in the middle with a good balance between power and battery conservation. From the App you can adjust each of the modes to personalize them to your riding style and needs.

First seen in the launch of Veltoric’s T1, the Summit 1 is also Apple Find My compatible allowing you to be in the know on your bikes location at all times.

Our first impression

The Summit 1 is Velotric’s first entry into the eMTB category of electric bikes. Although mid drive unit’s tend to lead the pack for eMTB’s Velotric chose to stick with their hub drive system for a reason. After speaking with their team to learn more about the Summit 1, they were able to elaborate on why they chose to go those route. The Summit 1 is positioned towards beginner and novice riders, with this in mind any performance drawbacks of the additional weight in the rear tends to not be as much of an issue. The notable benefits start with the inclusion of a trigger throttle, this Class 2 support was of higher value to them and likely a higher value to their intended riders. Most Mid Drive systems do not have throttle support and they wanted to ensure that it was available. Breaking chains, it’s a popular comment that mid drives break chains, although here at EBJ we don’t tend to encounter that situation all that often, we understand the concept. A hub drive system directly applies the torque of the motor to the wheel, as opposed to a mid drive system that drives that force through the chain.

As a whole, the Summit 1 is a solid performer and in our brief testing leading up to the launch has proven to be enjoyable to ride, comfortable, and very powerful. With light duty mountain biking in mind, we see the Summit 1 being even more beneficial for eTrekking and an absolute blast for the sporty commuter. The large battery and efficient Velopower drive unit really sets the Summit 1 up for long rides and being able to bring all the gear with you.

As with all of our Tech Checks, this is just a glimpse into these new bikes and we will be seeing how the Summit 1 fares as summer continues. We have thoughts about the battery range and how different PAS modes will have their impact. For now, we can say that the Summit 1 will make a name for itself in our Hardtail eMTB roundup. Follow up soon for our long term review on the Velotric Summit 1.

Price: $1799
Sizes: Regular, Large
Colors: Royal Blue, Sunrise Orange, Space Black
Weight: ~65lbs