A compact cargo ebike for all

The Slice Lite is a new cargo offering from Vvolt with adjustability and ease of use in mind for all types of riders. Lets get into our review of the Vvolt Slice Lite

Build Specs and Features

The Vvolt Slice lite is a class 1 or 2 enabled ebike, with pedal assist and throttle up to 20mph. The throttle can easily be removed to make this a class 1 bike. Integrated into the frame is a 500 watt hour battery that is removable to charge on or off the bike. This battery powers the lightweight 350w nominal power rear hub motor that has peak power output of 550w in the highest assist level.

Additionally, it uses internal torque sensor, cadence, and speed sensors to help with the pedal assist. The bikes geometry is front load optimized as well. By centering the cargo lower near the front wheel, the bike is made to handle well with cargo up front. Moreover, there is a full color display that provides all the bikes information. This can be controlled with the thumb controller on the left hand grip.

Furthermore, the Slice Lite is a single speed bike. It uses a gates carbon belt drive for a long lasting, smooth, and maintenance free drivetrain. It uses two piston hydraulic Tektro disc brakes with 180mm rotors front and rear. The wheels are mixed size, with a 20” wheel with 3” tires up front and a 24” wheel with 3” tires in the back.

The Slice Lite has integrated 360 degree lighting, with the rear light having 270 degrees of visibility. Also, headlight can be moved to the front of the optional cargo module as well. The Vvolt front cargo module is an optional accessory to purchase, and has some adjustability and many attachment points for tons of versatility. 

Lastly, the Slice Lite comes in weighing 52 pounds and has an estimated range of 20-55 miles and costs $1999.

Quick Specs

  • 350w Motor

  • 500 Wh Battery

  • Class 1-2

  • Singlespeed

  • 20″ & 24″ Wheels

  • $1999

Our Thoughts

First off, this Slice Lite is an awesome looking cargo bike. The lines of the bike have a cool flow to them that are pleasing to look at. The integrated lights blend into the frame seamlessly, even with the front cargo module. The mixed wheel size of 20” up front and 24” in the rear helps keep the bike compact but also still handles well at speed. Along with that, it also maneuvers in tight spaces well with the smaller front wheel. Despite personally preferring a bike with larger wheels overall, this mixed wheel size has a nice balance to it and I enjoyed riding it.

The optional cargo module that on this bike is really convenient and spacious. The sliding rails are great to have for when you have a bag, and being able to slide it back and forth to secure your cargo is awesome. Additionally, having all the cutouts on the basket is helpful for using a cargo net or bungees to secure items in the basket.

I really enjoy the simplicity, smoothness and quiet riding characteristics of the belt drive. This is just a single speed, but with the 5 levels of pedal assist you can get your cadence to a comfortable level in most situations. To me, it felt like the slice lite was the most efficient in pedaling and general ride feel on flat roads going about 14-16 mph. Getting above 16mph your cadence gets pretty high and it feels like your legs get spun out a bit. Even so, you can definitely still pedal up to 20mph. Moreover, bike handles well from slow to fast, and also stops well with the oversized hydraulic disk brakes. 

Lastly, the Slice Lite has good power on the flats and on mellow hills. If you do get to a stop on a hill, having that thumb throttle to help you get going is very helpful. The throttle is set to use 80% total power, so you get up to 430 watts to get you going. This comes in handy when you want to take a break from pedaling as well , as it can keep you going at a solid speed with ease.

Final Thoughts

Along with an overall nice look, the double tubed top tube is handy for when you need to lock a bike up. Being able to slide a lock in between the top tube makes it easy to lock up. Also, quick adjustability of the stem helps get the handlebars in a comfortable position for your riding style. The bars also have a nice sweep to them and contribute to the nice upright riding position of the bike.

Only on the steepest of the hills did we find some of the Slice Lites limitations. I currently live on the top of some very steep hills, and it took a good effort to get the slice lite to the top using lower pedal assist levels. In the higher pedal assist levels it was much easier to tackle. But, you still need to put some effort into getting up the steep hills. 

Since this is just a single speed belt drive, it is harder to get the perfect gearing for every situation. Even so, Vvolt chose good gearing for flatter to moderate hills. But, when it comes to the steep, big hills, the Slice Lite could use smaller gearing to make it easier to get up. 

Overall, the Slice Lite is an awesome utilitarian ebike that looks good and can handle that everyday cargo ebike life. Especially with the added Cargo Module. Not only does the lower step over height, and overall adjustability make this a nice bike to have in the household for multiple people. It also makes this bike great to use on a trip rather than driving. We here are fans of cargo bikes, especially for using them for trips to the store instead of the car. The Slice Lite can definitely help you keep that car parked at your house more often.

If you are someone looking for a good looking, smaller utilitarian focused ebike, the Slice Lite is definitely a bike to consider.  

Price: $1999
Sizes: One Size
Weight: 52lbs
Website: www.Vvolt.com