The updated Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line is the Perfect e-Cargo Bike for the Urban Multitasker. After a decade of award-winning optimization in micromobility, Urban Arrow is proud to announce several updates to the Family Cargo Line electric bike, combining design, components, and technologies to create a rare magical synergy that amounts to more than the sum of its parts.

A primary update for the Family Cargo Line electric bike for 2022 includes an upgrade to Bosch’s small, connected, and pioneering Kiox display.  The Kiox display offers riders access to the digital world via the eBike Connect smartphone app, while also enabling them to navigate to their destination. With a robust color display, riders can always see their riding data at a glance, while the separate control unit allows them to keep the ebike under control. Additionally, the Kiox can record trips and send all relevant data via the smartphone’s Bluetooth connection to the eBike Connect online portal.

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A secondary update includes the speccing of a Gates carbon belt drive as standard. Created by Gates Corporation, a global leader in belt drive technologies, Gates carbon belt drives are the best high-mileage bicycle drives on the market and liberate riders from oily, rusty chains with a clean, smooth, strong carbon reinforced belt that delivers peerlessly smooth shifting when combined with the Enviolo hub and is nearly maintenance-free.

For an optimized ride experience, the updated Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line features a redesigned steering tube, improving stability and control at high speeds and with serious payloads in the front box. Additional updates include a Magura eBike ABS brake system, which has an intelligent rear wheel lift control that reduces the possibility of the rear wheel lifting when the front wheel brake is applied forcefully, enabling riders to use the front brake more actively and efficiently.

“Micromobility and alternate forms of personal transportation in the United States is continuing to gain traction at an accelerating rate as gas prices skyrocket and urban commuters look for a better way to move through daily life,” said Ewoud van Leeuwen, General Manager of Gazelle North America and distributor for Urban Arrow North America. “Urban Arrow’s line of Family e-cargo bikes are an inspiring, forward-looking, and award-winning alternative to automobiles for individuals and families looking for a singular, sophisticated solution, and these new updates make the choice even clearer.”

Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line Highlights:

  • Powerful assistance thanks to a Bosch Cargo Line Gen 4, 250W motor (85 Nm of torque) with Bosch 500Wh battery
  • Bosch Kiox display for connected biking adventures
  • Magura eBike ABS 4-piston brake system for secure braking
  • Enviolo Heavy Duty hub provides effortless and stepless shifting
  • Updated steering rod offering even more stability and control at high speeds

For households wondering if a bike can truly replace a car to support all aspects of daily life, the Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line is the ultimate e-cargo bike to take on any task, errand, or adventure with efficiency, power, and sophistication. With these exciting model year 2022 updates, the answer is a resounding yes. 

The updated Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line electric bike is shipping to their network of certified retailers now and will have an MSRP of $7,999 USD.

More information regarding the complete line of Urban Arrow electric bikes can be found at

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  Selling over ten thousand units in 2019, the Amsterdam based company Urban Arrow is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric cargo bikes. It has an ever-expanding network of over 500 authorized dealers worldwide. Urban Arrow’s clean and quiet electric mobility products serve both families and businesses. Innovation, research and development are deeply rooted in the Urban Arrow DNA. And the portfolio is characterized by a consistently high build quality and a supreme riding comfort.