Bike seat made for eBikes

The WTB Devo saddle solves a problem we had all but almost never gauged as a problem worth solving. As far back as I can remember picking up a bike has always had a slight ugliness to it. Every bike is so different in geometry, having to get crafty in where to pick up a bike from.  Not to mention the heavier they get the more awkward they become in getting a good handle on things. Finally, the WTB Devo gives a valid solution to this crisis. 

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Handles are for lifting things

The WTB Devo takes saddles back to the drawing board. With an integrated handle on the tail of the saddle, the patent-pending “pickup handle” offers a secure and helpful way to lift or push your eBike. The Devo saddle is a Medium thickness saddle and has a width of 142mm and a length of 260mm. The Devo is best suited for riders with a sit bone of 100-130mm. There are three different rail options: Cromoly, Stainless and Titanium. The Devo starts at $96 for the Cromoly option and goes up to $143 for the Titanium rail. HLX padding is used for the Cromoly and Stainless rail saddles, while the Titanium gets WTB’s DNA padding. HLX padding is plusher than the DNA padding making it our suggestion for commuters and recreational riders. DNA padding is WTB’s high-performance padding that along with additional weight savings offers lasting comfort on long days in the saddle.

Our Cromoly saddle on test weighs in at 264g and when we geared up to ride one of our 50+ mile rides was comfortable every second of the way. Along with a clever handle that we use constantly when moving bikes around, the Devo has a cutout in the frame between the rails that can be seen from underneath. Padded over across the top, the cutout creates a relief point when sitting on the saddle to add comfort while riding.

A WTB Devo on all my bikes

WTB definitely created this saddle for eBikes, but a comfortable saddle is a comfortable saddle. From mountain bikes, our gravel bikes, and our cargo bikes. The Devo has been tossed around so many times that we just want one for all of our bikes. For me, a medium thickness saddle and the 142mm width really fits nicely and is extremely comfortable for me, and I’ve only had a few others say they felt it a bit too small for them. Which here’s hoping to see the success of the Devo and more sizing options in the future. The additional weight we see on electric bikes truly makes moving them around kind of a pain. The handle just makes sense.

The best bike saddle

The phrase “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” comes to mind. The Devo for no lack of trying is one of the most comfortable saddles I personally have ever ridden for a great amount of time. That being said, there is considerable flex if you allow yourself to sit too far back on the handle. Minimal albeit, but noticeable. It’s a sacrifice I can afford to make but not every butt is the same size and paired with a 260mm length might not be the ideal solution for every rider. 

The eBikers saddle

Having the opportunity to ride hundreds of bikes over the years, it’s safe to say that there are plenty of uncomfortable saddles that have made a bike less enjoyable to ride. There are plenty of reasons why you may find a saddle to be uncomfortable too, and price generally isn’t the determining factor. The width, length, thickness, padding, overall shape… all of these things can come together to make the best seat for you or something that you can barely sit on. WTB for the most part has always found there way into the comfort zone for me and you’ll see them often as the factory spec for some higher end brands.

The WTB Devo is relatively flat in profile, with a comfortable medium thickness pad, and for me a nice 142mm width. The length of the Devo could be longer but I wouldn’t find myself changing my opinion on its comfort. The breaking news here is the handle that is designed to make lifting your heavy eBikes easier. This is what the Devo does well and WTB has nudged the future of saddles for eBikes in a functional direction.

Price: $96-143
Size: Medium Thickness -142mm (W) x 260mm (L)
Rail Options: Cromoly, Stainless, Titanium

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