Myelin urban commuter helmet

The POC Myelin was introduced last year boasting a glue-free construction and recycled materials. As a Swedish brand, POC has always presented clean, modern, and sophisticated equipment. From cycling to snow sports, a quick browse through the POC catalogs will give you a good idea as to how cool their gear is. When POC set out to make a responsible helmet from a manufacturing standpoint they knew there couldn’t be any compromise with quality along the way.

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Engineered to be deconstructed

The Myelin helmet is made up almost entirely of recycled materials and was engineered with a glue-free construction. It may come as no surprise, but helmets have a shelf life, after a few years they don’t quite qualify for the safety standards they were manufactured to. POC kept that in mind when approaching the Myelin and choosing material and the way it’s constructed enables it to be separated at the end of its life for optimum recyclability. 

Currently offered in five different color options and three different sizes, the POC Myelin has an EPS liner with a fabric outer shell. For breathability, there are ventilation zones along the top of the EPS liner that allow heat to escape. 

The Myelin uses a snap adjuster with an elastic strap that has multiple points of adjustment to get the best fit within each size of helmet. As a bonus, this elastic strap allows for putting the helmet on and taking it off easily while maintaining a secure fit. To secure under the chin there is a standard buckle that is color matched. 

POC safety and conscious construction

For urban riders, the Myelin is rather discreet with the fabric outer shell that is less eye catching than a gloss finish plastic outer shell helmet often seen on helmets. Beneath the simple and sleek design is a rather complex venture from POC that took a lot of effort to create a safe and secure helmet that made as small a footprint as possible from construction to its end-of-life deconstruction.

Fit for every rider

When it comes to helmets, looks and materials are only part of the equation. How well does it fit? With three different shell sizes and multiple internal adjustments, the Myelin will comfortably fit just about any rider. In the past I’ve ridden POC full face helmets and found the size large to be just right. That wasn’t the case with the Myelin, fortunately, they swapped it out without hesitation and got me fitted in a medium. Typically I dance between a medium and a large, but the POC sizing is very honest and a medium was the exact fit I should’ve started with. That being said the straps that do go around the ears only adjust forwards and backwards and not up or down. So if you’re like me the cross over of the straps might be a bit close to the ear lobes.

The transition from Spring to Summer was quite the dance for us this year, fortunately it let us really see how the Myelin felt on both cold and hot days. Some helmets really keep the heat in, the Myelin is not one of those helmets and breathes very well. That fabric outer shell really does let air travel through the ventilation holes well.

Stylish for commuters

POC isn’t the first environmentally conscious helmet we’ve had a chance to test out. Check out the Bolle Eco React review for a more gravel inspired helmet. We like this trend and enjoy seeing brands thinking forward beyond the manufacturing process to what happens in the end.

With no compromise in safety and performance, it’s no surprise that POC won an award for the Myelin. From safety and looks to manufacturing footprint, the Myelin is a great looking helmet that steps up those urban rides.

Price: $100 $75
Sizing: S, M, L
Colors: 5+ options
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