Cyrusher dual suspension adventure ebike

With massive tires and a dual suspension platform, the Cyrusher Ranger fat tire ebike finds itself caught between cruising around town in comfort and wanting to explore lost fire roads. We wouldn’t quite consider this a true eMTB, but we did push the envelope and ride it on some of our local test trails to see how well it performs in a more extreme environment. Our thoughts weren’t wrong, but we found ourselves extremely impressed with the ability of the Ranger, specifically for climbing up some pretty steep technical trails.

Settling down a bit and getting out onto more open off road trails and cruising back through the neighborhoods the Cyrusher Ranger felt more comfortable and truly showed where excels. Along the way we considered the addition of the racks and loading up some fishing gear and using the Ranger as the escape rig to take off on the weekend to get out into the mountains for exploring and finding fishing holes.

Cyrusher Ranger specifications

With a Bafang 750w read drive hub motor, this Class 2 electric bike provides pedal assist up to 28mph and 20mph with a twist throttle. The Cyrusher Ranger has 5 levels of pedal assist and an estimated range of 50-56 miles using a 1042Wh (52v 20ah) battery that is removable. The battery weighs in around 11 pounds with the whole bike weighing 74 pounds. When it comes to loading the Ranger onto a bike rack, the removable battery is nice to aid in lowering the weight of the bike for easier loading and satisfying weight limits of many bike racks.

The Cyrusher Ranger has a 6061 aluminum frame with dual suspension. The fork is a dual crown coil fork with compression and preload adjustments. The compression acts more like a lockout however, and the coil is quite stiff. Without a rebound dampener slowing the rate at which the spring moves gives a linear feel to the suspension and if too much preload is set the spring will push back very quickly with an aggressive top out to the suspension. We left the preload as open as possible which caused for a softer front end but made riding on really rough terrain smoother overall. The rear shock is an air shock that allows you to increase or decrease the air pressure to get a smooth and comfortable rear suspension feel.

To satisfy the fat tire spec, the ranger comes with Kenda Krusade 26×4.0″ fat tires. We found that around 15 pounds of psi in the tires allowed them to be soft enough in the dirt, yet firm enough on the road. Additionally, we found that the fat tires with the longer wheelbase made the Ranger feel very stable and planted while riding.

A Shimano 9 speed drivetrain pairs with the Bafang hub and torque sensor to give a lot of range while riding and make it comfortable to maintain those higher speeds. Ultimately the Ranger favors the top speed performance achieved on flatter ground over being able to use all of the Shimano 9 Speed for steep hills. The large chain ring is the impartial decider of that emphasis, and we would encourage a smaller chain ring for those that have steep hills they will be riding most of the time.

Logan hydraulic disc brakes bring the Ranger together with smooth and comfortable braking power applied through the 180mm rotors. With a bigger, heavier electric bike that is meant to go fast, 180mm rotors is very nice to see. We haven’t spent much time with Logan brand brakes before and were glad to see them work so efficiently and feel very comfortable when using.

As mentioned earlier, the Ranger had us itching to load it up and take it out to more remote areas and not beat up our cars. Cyrusher offers fenders, a rear rack and a rear cargo basket, that are all available separately on their website. With a 330 pound load capacity, these racks would make a great way to create your own weekend adventure rig.

Quick Specs

  • 750w Motor

  • 1042Wh Battery

  • Class 2

  • Shimano 9 Speed

  • 26″ x 4.0″ Wheels

  • 2799

Cyrusher Ranger great on trails

Evaluating the Cyrusher Ranger there are two trains of thought on how it performs. Is it a full on electric mountain bike and a very capable electric fat tire adventure bike.

We’ll choose the adventure route. By all means if anyone wants to take it out on tough trails, there’s no stopping you and we did the very same thing because ultimately we wanted to know. Having done that we’ll leave the technical riding to the more purpose-built eMTB’s and enjoy the Ranger for what it did best. Escaping town and going exploring. From fire roads to animal tracks, riding around the woods was an absolute blast and the Ranger packs a lot of power with 1200w of peak power to get up some steep hills and cruise back roads quickly.

The Ranger being a fat tire electric bike is really what makes it so unique and so capable. The wide tires offer a lot of support to the rider and the Kenda tires do track well in the dirt. When I mention support to the rider I’m thinking of comfort and confidence. Point it the direction you want to go and start pedaling, it feels very smooth, stable, and planted. The suspension is the icing on the cake when considering the fat tire platform. It assists in soaking up a lot of the bumps to offer that smooth and supported riding feel.

What holds the Ranger back

If you own property or have easy access to open space like us, you might consider changing the chain ring to a smaller one to have more pedaling range for really steep terrain. We found that although it can get up really steep hills, the large chain ring creates a still very long pedaling stride that seemed unnatural on rough mountain bike trails. This isn’t a factor though if 50% or more of the time you’re on more groomed roads or cruising around town and just want to go fast.

The Ranger uses a torque sensor, which we at EBJ are fans of. However, the Cadence vs Torque bias seemed to favor cadence more in its pedaling characteristics. This is likely not an issue to most, but for those that favor torque sensors and the way they feel when pedaling you may notice the lighter feel it gives you.

Our only other takeaway on the Ranger is the dual suspension platform. As mentioned earlier, we are avid mountain bike riders and although it is nice to see brands offering suspension packages, we have to remind you that dual suspension on a bike doesn’t always mean it is cut out for aggressive mountain biking trails. In the same way that bike suspension has evolved over the last 30 years, so has mountain biking and the many types of suspension setups for all different types of trails and riding. The suspension on the Ranger does work and does a great job for this platform and it’s intended use. We feel that the intended use is moderate terrain like gravel roads and light single track. Additionally, the 74 pounds of bike on a rough trail is a lot of weight to move around and moving against you.

Final Thoughts on the Ranger

Overall, for $2800 the Cyrusher Range fat tire ebike has earned a place high in our ranks when it comes to fat tire electric bikes. It offers a smooth and planted riding experience and has plenty of power. If you’re looking for a new adventure rig and something you can ride to the office all the same, the Ranger is worth checking out. As a rural property owner and someone who frequently is exploring old fire roads to see where they go, the Ranger is a great option to get out and explore. Throw a rack on the back with some gear and you could find yourself doing overnight trips!

Price: $2799
Colors: Green, White, Black
Weight: 74lbs
Discount Code: youtube80