WTB is excited to announce four new additions to it’s accessories line; the TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit & Plug Pack + NanoAir TPU Tubes and TCS Max-Flow Valves.

The TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit features reusable “Rocket” anchors that not only guide the plugs through the tire, but also them repair in place. Is this the most dependable tubeless repair available?

Included with the TCS Rocket Tire Plug kit are the Rocket Anchors, the Rocket Launcher, Extra Hand because we always need one, a cap of course, the plugs themselves and the internal storage compartment.

The Rocket anchors are designed to rotate once pushed into the tire to physically prevent the plug from pulling back through the tire. Once an anchor is pushed into the puncture, the plug/anchor remains fixed in place until it’s removed from the inside of the tire.

The Rocket launcher is not only the handle essentially to deploy the rocket anchors, it is also the general housing that includes the internal storage for the Rocket Plug Pack which includes four anchors (two small and two large) and fifteen 1.5mm diameter tire plugs.

The anchor can hold up to two plugs at a time for those larger the desirable punctures.

Since we all need an extra hand from time to time, WTB developed the “extra hand”, this tool seals the puncture temporarily affording you time to assess the damage and prep for inserting the plugs.

Lighter, more compact, and more durable. Finished in WTB’s iconic ‘tan’ color, NanoAir TPU Tubes could help riders save up to two thirds the space & weight over a traditional tube. They come with self-adhesive TPU patches too!

WTB considers TPU the ideal material for spare tubes. the NanoAir TPU tubes are significantly lighter, about 60% less, and more compact than a typical tube.

They will be available in three different sizes: 29×1.9/2.5, 700×32/47, and 700×18/32. Making them ideal for road, gravel and most mountain bikes.

The NanoAir TPU Tubes will be highly durable with increased puncture protection and will come with two glue-less TPU patches.

For bonus point the NanoAir TPU tube is 100% recycled with recyclable packaging. Prices will range from $32.95 to $34.95.

TCS Max-Flow Tubeless Valves feature an insert-compatible base, increased bore diameter, an integrated valve core remover, and an ergonomically designed nut that allows riders to properly tighten down the valve without using a tool.

The increased bore diameter allows for 84% increase in air capacity as well as reducing sealant clogs which plague many of us.

From an installation standpoint the ergonomic shape of the knurled easy-grip nut will make tightening the valves down much easier and toolless. The nut does have an o-ring rubber grommet which will protect your rim from damage.

Coming in at $24.95 for the pair and only weighing 11g, the TCS Max-Flow Tubeless valves would make a fantastic upgrade for those running tubeless setups with OEM valves.

Complimenting The Rocket Plug Kit, the TCS Rocket Plug Pack (available separately) contains fifteen 1.5mm tire plugs and four anchors (two small and two large). They’ll reload your Rocket Plug Kit when needed, but will also work as a minimalistic tubeless repair kit in their own right when combined with a multitool.

Wanna see how that works? Check the video below.