The Bordo 6000 Folding Bike Lock features six 5mm steel bars connected with special rivets, which fold together like a yardstick. The bars are manufactured from specially hardened steel to keep the bars ultra sturdy. The bars are coated with a soft two-component casing to prevent scratching your bike. This all comes in a nice compact size, lets say a skinny burrito, and weighs in at 2.69 pounds 

With the bike lock comes two keys with a key code to register your lock in case you misplace the keys. You can order keys easily from their site to get a replacement key sent to you. It also includes a front load mount that you can mount on a variety of places on the bike. I decided to mount it to the seat tube as it is small enough to fit unnoticed when pedaling. I mounted it with two zip ties and screwed down a center screw and it stayed secure and did not move. There is plenty of space to use some gear straps if you would like to move this bike lock between bikes. 

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Abus has a 1 through 15 security level rating system and this Bordo 6000 is rated 10. This is recommended for use where there is a medium risk of theft. If you feel you would like more security for your bike you can go up to a level 15 security Bordo 6500A lock which has an included alarm. The Abus 6000 is a great lock for someone looking for a light weight but heavy duty lock. The mount is easy to install and very convenient.

Having the versatility of a chain lock, but security of a u-lock is a great combination. We were able to lock up two electric bikes together no problem with the Bordo 6000 Folding Bike Lock. I would feel comfortable locking a bike up with this lock outside for the day. It is well worth the price tag to keep your bike secure. If I were going to leave it in a public place overnight I would opt for the even sturdier Bordo 6500.

Price: $130.00