Nocs Provisions Zoom Tube Monocular

I never realized the value of a monocular in my life until I discovered the Nocs Zoom Tube. Binoculars were always in my car for scoping things at distance, but I never considered taking them on bike rides due to their bulkiness. Then, at the Sea Otter Classic, I found the compact and stylish Zoom Tube from Nocs Provisions. It strikes the right balance of size and weight, ideal for observing animals, birds, and assessing trail conditions ahead.

The Lab

The Zoom Tube boasts fully multi-coated lenses and BaK4 prisms, ensuring unparalleled optical clarity and brightness from edge to edge, regardless of the hour. Whether you’re observing wildlife or exploring breathtaking landscapes, the Zoom Tube’s quality glass will enhance your visual experience.

Weighing a mere 9.5 ounces (270g), the Zoom Tube is incredibly light and compact, making it effortlessly portable for any adventure. Slip it into your pocket, handlebar bag, or backpack with ease. Its ribbed housing not only absorbs impact but also provides a secure grip, ensuring it stays safe in your hands during your explorations.

Designed to accompany you in any weather condition, the Zoom Tube is IPX4 water-resistant. Whether it’s rain, fog, or snow, these optics are engineered to withstand the elements. They are built to go where no other optics dare to venture, enabling you to immerse yourself in the great outdoors without worry.

If you prefer steady viewing, the Zoom Tube has got you covered. With its 1/4″ 20 threaded tripod adapter, you can easily mount it on a tripod for a stable observation experience. Additionally, the Zoom Tube can be mounted to any backpack strap using the Peak Design Capture Clip. This quick-release, secure aluminum body ensures easy access to the optics while you’re out in the field.

Final Thoughts

A fun accessory you can get for the Zoom Tube is the Inspector Microscope. This gives a 4x zoom multiplier that refocuses the lens groups in order to provide a microscopic view of detail. It takes a little bit to get used to focusing on small objects, but you can see so much detail in what you are looking at. A nice example is looking at a magazine and being able to see each color dot placed on the paper.

The compact size of the Zoom Tube makes it ideal to bring on a ride in either a bar or frame bag. For those leisure rides heading out into nature it’s so nice to have the Zoom Tube available to scope nature. Since for a lot of us, we hop on our ebikes for fun and to be outside, using the Zoom Tube enhances the experience. The Zoom Tube doesn’t just accompany me on ebike rides, it also sits near my window and joins me on other excursions.

Optically, the fully multi-coated glass is very clear and bright. The form factor easily fits in one hand and you have the ability to focus with one finger which leaves your other hand free. This all makes the zoom tube easy to use adding to the overall nice experience.

The Nocs Zoom Tube and Inspector Microscope each come in nice recyclable packaging. Along with the product you get a branded microfiber pouch that holds each item. These little touches add to the overall good experience with the Nocs. I’ve used this more then I imagined and have let many other people enjoy the views through the Nocs Zoom Tube. 

Zoom Tube Price: $75
Inspector Microscope: $35
Colors: So many to choose from

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