The Aventon LEVEL.2 is finally here and with the updates we’ve been waiting for. Most significantly is the introduction of a torque sensor, this creates for a much better on bike experience for better and more intuitive riding. Other new features are the integrated lights keeping you prepared for riding no matter what time. The LEVEL.2 is equipped with fenders and a rack as well to further keeping you ready for your commuting needs. With a price tag of $1949 the Aventon LEVEL.2 is a fully capable and turn key electric bike to allow you to begin commuting with ease.

The Lab

The LEVEL.2 is a Class 1 electric bike, it has an aluminum frame complete with fenders and rear rack the total weight is around 54lbs which is under the weight limit for many hitch mount bike racks on the market. The LEVEL.2 has 27.5 x 2.1 tires front and rear, a Shimano 8 Speed drivetrain and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors. The LEVEL.2 is powered by a 500w brushless rear hub motor with a torque sensor and a removable 48v 672wh battery. Lastly, the LEVEL.2 has a Zoom Aria suspension fork with a lock and adjustable preload, this paired with the tires and a comfortable seat make for a smooth ride when navigating around town.


Torque sensors are nothing new to electric bikes, but a first for Aventon and a highly desired upgrade to their flagship commuter we are all familiar with. The ride-ability of the new Level.2 is made much smoother by this addition of a torque sensor and likely we’ll see future Aventon’s share this same feature. The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes are a good brake not only for use but also for maintenance, your local bike shop will know how to work on them as well as carry replacement parts as needed. The 27.5 x 2.1 tires are a choice selection in our eyes, having a wider tire for commuting makes everything much more comfortable. When paired with the Zoom Aria fork handling tough roads is a lot easier on the rider than other offerings on the market. The Level.2 is equipped with front and rear fenders as well as a rear rack making it ready for carry a light load and keeping you drier from that inevitable rainy day.


For a sub $2000 electric commuter bike, Aventon doesn’t leave much to not be impressed on. We likely would make some changes to the more bolt on components of this bike. For instance, we think a sportier seat like an ERGON ST CORE would actually feel better than the slightly oversized cushy seat it is provided with. While we consider riding comforts we likely would swap the grips to Ergon GP1 and change the pedals to something with a more grippy platform. Overall, the Level.2 for its price range really doesn’t fall short of being a nicely built bike for commuting.

If you’re looking for a turn key electric commuter bike without breaking the bank, look no further. Aventon has done a great job by not only making a bike that is competitive with other higher priced offerings, their intentionality to include a torque sensor makes for a much more intuitive riding experience. In addition, the inclusion of integrated lights, fenders and a rear rack allow for a turn key commuter bike to take on the day.

Price: $1,949
Sizes: Regular, Large
Weight: 54lbs