The Blackburn Outpost Fat Front or Rear Rack is built specifically to work with fat tire bikes. The rack is designed to fit the front or rear of your bike. It has up to 3 inches of width adjustability and height adjustability which makes it super versatile.

The Lab

The Blackburn Outpost Fat Front or Rear Rack is made of a lightweight aluminum for extra durability and toughness. It weighs 1110 grams and has a load carrying capacity of 70 pounds. The rack is also disc-brake compatible and will not get in the way of disc brakes. There are many mounting point options, from frame mount to universal mounting.

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Lucky for us, we had the Aventon Aventure for testing and found this a great candidate for trying this rack out. The Aventure has mountain points for a rack already on the bike, so it was would be an easy install. To be honest, it did take me a bit longer to install than I thought it would have as I have not installed a rear rack like this before. Putting the stabilizer rails on was slightly confusing. The eyelets were on the opposite side of the rail that they needed to be on and that threw me off. After browsing the internet to see how others installed it was a no brainer.

A few minutes later the rear rack was on and secured. I went for a quick loop around the neighborhood and the rack didn’t make any noise at all. This bike is already heavy but adding this weight didn’t affect the handling of the bike at all. We even took it on a mountain bike ride and the rack held up great.



The best use case I found for it was being able to fit a full load of groceries on this rack. I had some older panniers around and put those on and they fit perfectly. It is also great to be able to throw your bike lock in the bag to always have it with you when going on some errands. I haven’t had a chance to take this bike bikepacking, but I am confident it would work great. Being able to strap more items on top of the rack would be simple. 

The Blackburn Outpost Fat Front or Rear Rack is a great accessory to add to your fat tire electric bike. It has a higher price tag then some racks that may come with the bikes, but it is much more versatile and could be used on any future bikes you wish to get.

Price: $140.00