Our Behind the Brand Series sets out to showcase the people, passion and hard work that goes into making the brands what they are. We travel to Austin, TX to visit local ebike brand MOD Bikes. We meet with owner Dor Korngold to hear his story of how MOD Bikes comes to be and the future of where their going. Enjoy the ride as we ride MOD Bikes around Austin and hear Dor share the MOD Bike story at Electrify Expo in Austin, TX.

The Bikes

MOD Bikes has many bikes in their line up. The Easy with its retro styling and looks familiar to an early 20th century motorcycle. The Easy even has a side car available! Their newest offering, the Groove is a classic beach cruiser style bike with front suspension fork and all sorts of accessory options. Beyond these two very unique electric bikes, MOD has a foldable bike, a classic 700c urban commuter and even a mountain bike that we may be seeing some improvements to in 2023.

The Brand

Dor tells us his story of coming to the US from Israel and his journey into launching MOD bikes. Israel was full of electric bikes and he knew Austin was a great location to ride them. Since then he has designed the lineup of bikes we see today and Austin as their home base has welcomed MOD bikes allowing for great growth. MOD is for the most part a DTC brand with relationships with businesses offering fleets for internal use, last-mile optimization and even rental availability through hotels.

MOD bikes is currently in the process of expanding their headquarters, still in Austin and just down the road from their current location. Their hopes are to continue to grow as the electric bike industry continues to grow and introduce dealer opportunites next year.

The Ride

We had a chance to take a tour of Austin on a few of the MOD bikes. This was our first time on any of the offerings and we’ll have to confirm. They’re pretty great. 

We spent half a day on the Easy and Groove before jumping over to the Berlin. All four of the bikes we rode made for getting around Austin an absolute pleasure.

If you’re ever in Austin stopping by MOD is a for sure must and you can even get your own bike for the day by renting from them. Be sure to check out their collection of bikes and connect with them if you have any questions. They’ve got an amazing crew and being a small business still they can offer you the hands on attention you need when looking for a new electric bike.

MOD Bikes