Smart LED Bike Light Pedals

The Redshift Arclight pedals with LED Arclight Modules improve your on road visibility as well as offer a great pedal upgrade to your electric bike. We’re big advocates of increasing your visibility while on the road and thoroughly enjoy the amount of options being introduced into the market for cyclists. Redshift brings high quality components to the table for city, road and gravel riders alike. Beyond the Arclight pedal options, their Shockstop Suspension Stem and Seatpost give the boost of comfort we are all looking for on our stiff, suspensionless electric bikes.

We’ve all seen or have our own bike lights, the familiar white lights up front and the red lights in the rear. Solid lights or flashing lights, they help us not only see in low light to dark riding conditions, but also to be seen by other goers of the road. Redshift brings that same lighting visibility to your feet with the Arclight Pedals.

The Lab

The Arclight pedals themselves are made of a machined aluminum body and a steel axle with sealed bearings. Keeping them well prepared for harsh weather and a long lifespan. They fit a standard 9/16” pedal thread, the most common pedal thread size of bikes, so for most, no need to have to measure. Redshift designed them with integrated “teeth” machined into the mentioned aluminum body. The “teeth” offer a great grip for many types of shoes without digging into the soles causing the less desirable wear and damage pedals tend to do to your shoes. As a bonus, the “teeth” are much more generous to your shins and clothing when they make the unavoidable contact that comes with riding.

The “light” portion of the Arclight pedals comes from a highly intelligent LED light module. Two individual modules that slide into the pedals and are kept snug with a magnet. Made of ABS Plastic the LED light modules offer 360° of lighting coverage, they utilize smart sensors to offer an Auto On/Off, knowing when you’re pedaling or not. In addition, the intelligent sensor knows the orientation of the pedal to alternate between a white or red light for the front or rear facing orientation of the pedal. So you don’t have to worry about the lights facing the wrong direction. Each light has 3 different lighting modes: Flash, Eco-Flash, and Constant. Each light module can last more than 36 hours in the Eco-Flash mode and have a 2 hour charge time from fully dead. To recharge the Arclight modules, simply plug them in to any standard USB plug or use the provided usb hub to charge them all at once. Each light module is held into the pedal with a magnet, and can be used with the Multi-Mount (sold separately). This means the same light module can be used anywhere from your pedals, the bike or perhaps your helmet with use of the Multi-Mount.

How do they help?

If you’re wondering why you need lights in your pedals, studies offered from Clemson University and others found that the use of bio-motion increase visibility by 57%. Bio-motion in this case is the rotational up/down of your feet as you pedal on the road, this compared to the static positioning of a fixed taillight or headlight. The LED light modules when in the pedals create 360° of coverage allowing you to be seen from the side where many headlights and taillights fail to provide visibility. So not only are the lights moving up and down, they are also spreading that light in 360° of coverage, which help you to stand out and be seen to others on the road.

Our Thoughts

The Arclight pedals are a sleek modern looking pedal that offer great grip when riding around. From dry days to super wet days we were surprised at the amount of traction the pedals made with our shoes, even non cycling specific shoes. The Auto On/Off feature is extremely convenient, as long as they have a charge they will atomically register you are riding and turn on to the last mode they had been set to. You can change the mode with little bottom on each module depending on your preference. You may think to yourself that keeping track of your headlight and taillight battery is already a challenge how are you going to manage 4 more lights, although it is more things to keep track of you have more options with the same ecosystem, being able to shuffle them around if needed between the pedals or the multi mounts to make sure you have the right lights lit if they ever run out of battery on you.

If you’re a frequent of riding the road, specifically in darker hours, pedals with light integration extend your road visibility making for a safer ride. At $139.99 they may not be the most friendly to your wallet, but if you break it down, its a pair of pedals and four lights that can also be used elsewhere on the bike. In addition, Redshift offers a 90 Day Risk-Free trial period and a lifetime warranty, allowing them to move from bike to bike over the years.

Price: $139.99 $99.99
Website: Redshift Arclight Pedals

Redshift Arclight Pedals