The Velotric Discover 1 is a long-range urban commuter eBike built for everyone. The Discover 1 blends accessibility and affordability into a stylish electric bike for everyone. The Discover 1 is ideal for commuting to work, cruising around town or running your daily errands.


This is the High-Step model has the classic triangle geometry we’re all familiar with and accommodates riders from 5’4” to 6’9”. They do offer a step-thru model as well which is great for riders with a shorter inseam or someone looking for a bike with easy on/off access. The Step-Thru model shares all the same new updates and improvements from Velotric in this new Discover 1.

Fit Check

The Discover 1 has a head tube angle of 69.5°and a seat tube angle of 73°, and a reach and stack of 460mm and 650mm.

With its broad size range, Velotric truly designed a bike to fit almost everyone. The High-Step and Step-Thru models allow greater compatibility for different rider heights and enable greater accessibility. For riders who may be less comfortable with hopping on and off a bike the Step-Thru frame makes it extremely approachable. The design of the frames allow for a straight back and relaxed riding position with comfort the priority.

Battery and Motor

The Discover 1 has a removable integrated battery that seats cleanly in the downtube for easy access. It is a class 2 electric bike with pedal assist and throttle assist that will take you up to 20mph. It uses a fully integrated Tesla-Grade 48V 14.4Ah battery which equates to 692wh. The battery can be removed to charge off the bike and this battery is also UL 2271 Certified, which means it has been tested to meet nationally recognized safety standards. Something Velotric was very intentional to pass for their offerings.

The Discover 1 has a self-developed 500w hub motor, with a peak power of 900w and it produces 65nm of torque. This motor has been self-developed by Velotric and this system allows the Discover 1 to have 50% longer range compared to other similar bikes. It is common to see a 250w motor to be enough power for casual riding and maintaining a recreational pace of 15mph, but to include commuters or heavier riders, they chose to go with that 500w motor and support up to 20mph.

On the bars there is a 3.5” backlit display that shows: speed, trip, battery level, PAS mode, and more. There is also a USB port on the display to charge external devices with.

There are 5 pedal assist modes: Eco, Tour, Normal, Sport, Turbo. You can choose these modes with the controller located on the handlebars and it will be indicated on the display numerically which mode you are in. The thumb throttle will take you to the max speed of whatever pedal assist mode you’re currently in, and is a great way to get back up to speed easily from a stop.

Components and Accessories

The grips are durable ergonomic paddle grip to keep your hands comfortable while riding and a comfortable seat as well to keep up with the longer rides you may go on. The quick release seat clamp allows for easy adjustability for any rider.

The Discover 1 has 26” wheels with 2.5” wide tires with puncture resistant lining. This offers comfortable rides around town and light trails or paths.

To help add to the comfort of this bike, there is a suspension fork that has 80mm of travel that has a lockout switch. This is going to help you dampen the bumps on the road and in the dirt giving you a much smoother ride.

This bike has a front integrated headlight attached to the fork and an integrated taillight as well. The Discover 1 is IPXS grade waterproof, with the inclusion of front and rear fenders that provide great protection from water if you get caught out in the rain.

There are mounting points for either a front or rear rack, which can be ordered separately from Velotric. A great way to bring the gear with you or bring those groceries home.

Range and Limits

From a fully depleted battery, it takes 6 hours to charge completely. A fully charged battery allows for a max range of 65 miles of Pedal Assist and 58 miles of Throttle assist.

The Discover 1 weighs 65 lbs and has a max carrying capacity of 440 lbs which is rider and cargo together.

Final Thought

The Discover 1 offers not only a great fit but a stylish look, with many color options available this electric bike is a great way to transform your urban outings with quality and affordability.

Price: $1,899
Sizes: Step-Thru, High-Step
Weight: 65lbs

Velotric Discover 1