The Bolle Eco React helmet is a modern urban focused helmet with more than safety in mind. The Eco React helmet is almost entirely made up of recycled or organic materials. With a pleasing matte finish and hints of cork, this helmet is a great fit for your urban adventures.

Bolle is making strides as a company and the Eco React fits right in to their goals of seeing a brighter future for our planet.

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The Lab

The Eco React helmet is constructed of AVID Progressive EPS foam for the inner shell which includes cork as a more sustainable solution to manufacturing and environmental impact. In addition the shell is made up of recycled PC shell, the plastic components such as the buckle and Click-To-Fit are 100% recycled nylon plastics and the webbing and pads are 100% recycled nylon or natural fibers such as organic cotton and bamboo fiber lining. It also has a removable brim, or visor, that is made of cork.

The Click-to-Fit system is used to properly fit the helmet to your head quickly and with ease. A rubberized wheel is used to ratchet the helmet to a more finely tuned fit. The rubberized wheel is easily accessible and adjustable even while wearing gloves.

The Eco React helmet is the center point of Bolle’s REACT FOR GOOD campaign which is their attempt to participate in making for a better future. With a goal on sustainability this helmet is almost entirely constructed of recycled or organic materials even down to the packaging.


The Eco React has a very pleasing look that feels at home riding around town as well as gravel adventures. It is extremely lightweight and the click-to-fit system easily fine tunes the fit, keeping the helmet snug and in place. While riding although the brim is removable I have grown quite fond of it, not only for its ability to help block the summer sun that has been pounding my eyes, but being an avid wearer of hats it feels right at home extending out past my brow.

The EPS foam inner shell has raised grooves which helmet disperse air across your head, which although I wouldn’t say I could feel the air blowing through my hair, I did notice that it was a very cool helmet to wear on hot summer days. The pads are quite comfortable and retain what sweat found their to them. As mentioned the Click-To-Fit system works very well, which is good because the buckle very easily works itself loose. The nylon webbing just doesn’t quite have the bit in the buckle to keep it in place and you do have to remember that it needs to be pulled tight from time to time to ensure it is securely fastened.

The Eco React has been my go to helmet for urban and gravel adventures and if you’re looking for helmet that isn’t so flashy with its gloss finish and equally looks the part of the healthy lifestyle you’re pursuing be sure to find a local bike shop to check one out. For those of you looking for additional safety features Bolle does offer a MIPS version as well.

Price: $150.00
Colors: Black, Matcha, Oatmeal
Website: Bolle Eco React