The Rapha Men’s Technical Trousers are part of Rapha’s City Collection. This City Collection is designed to be convenient on the bike and inconspicuous when off the bike. There are many little details that make this pant a great choice for commuting to work on your electric bike and not have to change pants.

The Lab

The Rapha Men’s Technical Trousers are made of 94% nylon and 6% spandex. This gives the pants a slight bit of stretch to not restrict movement when on the bike. It has zippered side and rear pockets to keep your valuables in place when riding. The pants have a fly  front with a zipper and an outer and inner button to close them up. It also has Offset inseams for added comfort that have reflective piping. There is a large reflective Rapha logo on the inside of the right leg that is visible when rolled up.

The Men’s Technical Trousers have a high-cut back that prevents a gap on your lower back while riding. They trousers are quick drying and crease resistant as well. The hard-wearing fabric is also highly breathable. The fit on these trousers is slightly loose so it doesn’t restrict any movement when on the bike.


The Rapha Men’s Technical Trousers had a great hand feel straight out of the box. You’d could tell it is a premium garment straight away and at first glance they definitely don’t look like cycling apparel. Event tho they were shipped folded up, upon unfolding them there was minimal creasing. Right away you could see the fine little details that Rapha ads to all their garments. The nice little hints of pink add just the right amount of flare to what looks like a business pant.

When I first put on the Rapha Technical Trousers they felt lightweight on my legs. The material was soft on the skin and after a few squats to feel out the range of motion I was ready to ride. I am in between sizes at a waist size of 31 and this pair is a 32 so I do need a belt with them. Since the pants are on the slightly loose side I could have gone with a size 30, especially since there is a bit of stretch to them. If you are in between sizes and like a tighter fitting pant, I’d recommend going to the smaller size.

On the bike the Rapha Technical trousers feel great. The material definitely breathable and did not overheat my legs during the warmer parts of the day. The leave full range of motion for hopping on and off the bike as well. No need to do some weird maneuvers to get your leg over the bike. The zippered pockets are a great bonus to keep your keys and other valuables secure. Rolling up the cuffs on the pant reveal that big Rapha reflective logo for added visibility. This is a really nice little touch, along with the pink and reflective piping.

The Rapha Men’s Technical Trousers are a great piece of apparel if you are looking for something to ride in to work and then wear all day. The look and quality of the pant will hold you through any corporate meeting, or a ride to a nice dinner. They may seem a bit pricey, but for a trouser that can pull double duty on bike and off they will pay off in time.

Price: $160.00
Sizing: 28-36
Colors: Available in 5 colors