The Nomad 1 is a class 2 electric bike with pedal assist and a throttle up to 20mph. It uses a fully integrated, Tesla-Grade 48v 14.4 amp hour battery which equates to a 692watt hour battery. The battery can be removed to charge off the bike and is UL certified, which means it has been tested to meet nationally recognized safety standards.

The motor on the Nomad 1 is a high-performance Velopower 750w motor and 75nm of torque. This motor has been self-developed by Velotric which they claim allows the Nomad 1 to have a 50% longer range compared to other similar bikes. The drivetrain on the Nomad 1 is a Shimano 8-speed and hydraulic disk brakes with 180mm rotors front and back.

On the bars there is a 3.5 in backlot display that shows you your speed, trip distance, battery level, pedal assist level and more. There is a usb port as well that you can power external devices with. There are 5 pedal assist modes (Eco, Tour, Normal, Sport, Turbo) that you can choose with the display and the thumb throttle will take you to whatever the max speed of the pedal assist is. 

The grips are durable ergonomic grips to keep your hands comfortable on the ride. Their is a comfortable seat on top of the adjustable height seat post so the seat height can be adjusted easily. The Nodam 1 has 26 in wheels with 4 inch tires with a  puncture resistant liner. This wide wheel and tire combination will help you ride on dirt, gravel, and even in some sand. To help add to the comfortability of this bike, there is a suspension fork that has 80mm of travel that has a lock out switch. This is going to help dampen the bumps in the road and in the dirt to give you a smoother ride. 

The bike also has a front integrated light and comes with a rear battery powered light as well as front and rear fenders included. The Nomad 1 is IPX6 grade waterproof so it can handle the rain as well. There are mounting points for a front and rear fender as well so you can carry some cargo with you.


The Nomad 1 is available in a step through version and a high-step version. The Step through version can accommodate riders from 5’1” to 6’4” and the high-step can accommodate riders from 5’6” to 6’9”. If you are wanting an easier time getting on and off the bike the step through version lets you get your leg over the bike much easier and is better for shorter people and people less experienced on a bike like this.

The bike weighs 72lbs and has a total carrying capacity with cargo of 440lbs. The range on this bike is estimated at 55mi in pedal assist mode and 52 miles with throttle and the battery takes 6 hours to charge from empty. The bike is packaged in eco-friendly materials and you get a 14 day trial period with purchase. Velotric also offers a 1 year warranty with their bikes.

Price: $1,599
Sizes: Low-Step, High-Step
Weight: 72lbs

Velotric Nomad 1