Performance sunglasses made for all day wear

Sometimes wearing your lifestyle sunglasses on longer more intense rides don’t make the cut. Introducing the Tifosi Rail Race, the newest addition to the Rail sunglasses line, is poised to revolutionize the outdoor experience for cycling. This innovative 2-lens interchangeable model seamlessly blends style and performance, providing a customized solution for individuals who demand excellence from their eyewear.

The Lab

Engineered with the dynamic lighting conditions encountered in cycling, the Rail Race effortlessly adapts to optimize both vision and performance. Easily switch lenses from tinted to clear to adjust for the situation ahead.

The Tifosi Rail Race goes beyond functionality by prioritizing eye protection and comfort. Equipped with lens vents and a rimless design, it promotes optimal airflow, preventing fogging and guaranteeing clear vision during steamy days. The rimless shield frame offers extensive coverage against harmful UV rays and potential debris, safeguarding your eyes from potential hazards.

The Tifosi Rail Race introduces advanced lens technology with a vented, rimless laser-edged shield that provides complete protection against UVA/UVB rays. The lightweight frame, weighing just 32 grams and made from durable Grilamid TR90, to ensure all-day comfort. The frame is equipped with fully adjustable nose and ear pads, featuring hydrophilic rubber that increases grip as you sweat. Ideal all types of cycling (electric gravel, road, and mountain biking), the Rail Race offers a large to extra-large fit. It comes complete with a zippered hardshell case and a microfiber cleaning bag for added convenience.

Our Thoughts

I have been wearing the Rail Race for a few months now. In this time I’ve used them for a variety of activities from ebiking, cycling on my non-ebike, running to yard work. The Rail Races lightweight design ensures maximum comfort during extended wear, making them perfect for all-daywear. The sleek frames and minimal branding offer a stylish look that doesn’t draw too much attention.

One of the standout features of Rail Race is its large field of view. The well-designed lenses provide an expansive perspective and clear view of whats ahead. The adjustable rubber nose grip and ear pads contribute to the overall comfort with no need to constantly adjust.

Foggy lenses are a thing of the past with Rail Race. Thanks to the effective vent system, condensation is prevented to ensuring clear vision.The switch from tinted to clear lenses is simple and quick as well. The tinted lenses block enough light to be worn in bright sun, but also work well in open shade situations.

Lastly, in terms of value, Rail Race hits the mark. Included are a case, two lenses, and a microfiber bag. This ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of Rail Race for a long time without any additional purchases.

Overall, the Tifosi Rail Race sunglasses excel in every aspect. From their lightweight comfort and stylish design to their exceptional value, definitely consider these sunglasses if you are looking to upgrade your eyewear. 

Price: $79.95
Colors: Satin Vapor(reviewed), Matte White, Crystal Clear, Chrome Anniversary Edition