Lightweight and low profile electric bike

The seatpost is also the battery? We get a lot of bikes in on test, and unique frame design is more often then not. ENVO takes it a step further by giving dual purpose to the battery. With an oversized seat tube, the battery functions as a seatpost to help bring the weight of the battery to the center of the frame, right under the rider.

ENVO is a Canadian based brand with a broad collection of EV’s. From bikes to scooters, an ATV and even a snow bike. They’ve taken a unique approach to e mobility and the Stax is no different. Read on to hear about the features and design, and our thoughts about the ENVO Stax.

ENVO Stax Features and Design

The ENVO Stax is a Class 1 electric bike with a proprietary 500w rear hub motor with 60nm of torque. The battery is a 36v 12.8Ah battery that offers about 60 miles of range.

ENVO chose to go with a rear hub motor over a mid drive unit to relieve wear and tear from the drivetrain. The drivetrain itself is a Shimano 8-speed and the Stax is outfitted with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors.

The frame itself is 6061 aluminum alloy and the Stax weighs 42 pounds. It isn’t the lightest 700c commuter we’ve ridden to date, but it is within a few pounds and definitely lands in the lightweight category of electric bikes.

The ENVO Stax comes in one size that fits riders from 5’4″ to 6′. Taller riders may want a slightly larger frame and longer wheelbase to feel more comfortable. At the higher end of the size range, the Stax didn’t feel too small, but we think riders in the 5’8″-5’10” range would fit it perfectly.

There are 5 levels of pedal assist that distribute power based on watts. This helps regulate the power output smoothly for optimum range and assist based on riding conditions.

Whats most unique about the ENVO Stax is the decsision to fit the battery into the seat tube as opposed to the downtube. The benefits of this and the reason ENVO chose this design is pretty straight forward. By positioning the battery under the rider it centers the weight between the bike and offers a more natural and intuitive rider feel.

As an additional frame design feature, there is a headlight integrated into the head tube. The light itself is very bright and offers great coverage of the road while riding at night.

Quick Specs

  • 500w Motor

  • 36v 12.8Ah 500Wh Battery

  • Class 1

  • Shimano 8-Speed

  • 700c x 40c Wheels

  • 1999

How does the ENVO Stax ride

When it comes to riding the ENVO Stax, it checks all the boxes you would expect from a 700c commuter. It has clearance for slightly larger tires, mounts for fenders and a rear rack, and it already has a headlight. Additionally, the 60nm of torque helps get the Stax moving quickly and powering up hills.

We found the Stax to be very efficient on battery range while testing. For some that want that extra power, level 5 PAS will hold you at 20mph with little to no impact on your physical output. We found it more comfortable to ride in level 2 as it offered a more natural riding characteristic that required a slight touch of effort as a rider.

On paper, the battery in the seat tube makes sense in distributing the weight between the wheels. To our surprise it was very noticeable having the weight in this configuration. As opposed to similar bikes, the battery position really impacts the feel while riding and is extremely comfortable. As an added bonus, stepping away from the bike and giving it a good look over, it is really hard to tell quickly that it even is an electric bike. We’re fans of stealthy eBikes and the ENVO Stax is definitely stealthy.

Shimano brakes and Kenda tires are reliable and offer great control and feel on the road. All in all, top to bottom, the Stax is stacked with quality componentry and an intelligent design that make it a quality commuter in the sub $2000 category of electric bikes.

Who is the ENVO Stax for?

Coming in at $1999, the ENVO Stax has quality componentry and a reliable drive unit. With only a single frame size available, we think it would really fit riders between 5’6″-5’10” most comfortably. Fit aside, the Envo Stax is a fantastic commuter that could handle some light gravel riding.

As a flat bar 700c wheeled electric bike, it has a solid geometry to feel comfortable around town and on gravel roads. The 40c tires and clearance to go slightly larger further allows it to be a good dual terrain electric bike for many riders.

As a commuter, the ability to install fenders and run a rear rack would make it a very nimble and lightweight electric bike to leave the car at home year round. Beyond the addition of necessary commuting accessories, riders will see the efficiency of the Stax while riding.

A 60 mile range aside, the Stax rolls very smoothly and this is what allows it to deliver as an efficient electric bike, specifically for commuting.

Takeaways of the ENVO Stax

All in all we think ENVO really delivers a quality 700c commuter and can think of many riders that would thoroughly enjoy how well it rides. As a first generation design, we can see past some of the quirks. For us, the port design of the battery is something that we would be happy to see refined in the future. The location of the charge port is at the top of the battery just below the saddle. This tight location involves a little more effort to charge, but doesn’t take away from the ride experience. Equally the plug to connect the battery to the rest of the system is a little bulky. Located beneath the bottom brack, it uses a heavier gauge wire and a large plug similar to an XLR plug seen with audio equipment. It’s size under the frame is not the most aesthetically pleasing and if riding in more technical terrain we would be concerned of it impacting trail obstacles. That being said, it’s a capable commuter first and those sorts of conditions are almost impossible to come across while heading to work or running errands.

ENVO has impressed us with an overall design that we haven’t seen with other bikes yet, and it made a notable impression. The Stax would definitely stand up against similar bikes like the Velotric T1ST as an affordable and efficient commuter.

Price: $1999
Weight: 42lbs