Easy lifting for Heavy work

REMCO Tools Bike Lift System offers an innovation solution to assist enthusiasts and mechanics in servicing heavier bikes in bike stands. Starting at $555, the REMCO Tools Bike Lift system is capable of lifting up to 100 lbs, dramatically impacting the effort it would normally take to lift heavy bikes into a stand.

Read more to see how REMCO Tools is able to offer this hydraulic lift at a similar pricepoint to alternative non-hydraulic offerings.

Built for Enthusiasts and Mechanics

The Bike Lift System is the result of REMCO Tools efforts to provide zero-compromise solutions for shops and enthusiasts. Setting out to create a bike stand to revolutionize the process with a high load capacity and small footprint.

The capabilities of the Bike Lift make it a valuable asset for mechanics aiming to elevate their service abilities. As we know many ebikes and cargo bikes exceed the limitations of most bike stands, and for those stands that can take the weight, lifting those bikes is a triumph in and of itself.

Up to 5′ for easy service

The Bike Lift uses a motorized lifting column that ranges from 33.75″ from the ground up to 59.75″. That is over 2 feet of customizable height to lift up to 100 pounds off the ground.

This simple design features a control box to raise bikes up manually or to desired presets. It will be offered in both a single clamp or dual clamp configuration. With both offerings being able to choose a base plate for convenient relocation of the Bike Lift when not in use, or without the base plate and choosing a fixed location for shops.

The Bike Lift will also have three different clamp offerings ranging from Park Tools Professional clamp, Park Tools Delux clamp, or Feedback Sports Clamp Heads. This covers the industries leading Clamps used by mechanics to service bikes around the globe.

Industry standards

Breaking down the REMCO Tools Bike Lift system, we see 6 key components.

  • The Bike Lift Column + Adapter Starting at $555 USD
  • 2″ Clamp Chuck $99 USD
  • Chuck Adapater $55 USD
  • Dual Lift Adapter $100 USD
  • Clamp Adapter $55 USD
  • Base Plate $250 USD

With these components, REMCO Tools elevates the future for mechanics and is a very real problem seen every day at bike shops.