The Grandfalls pressure washer from Giraffe Tools is not your average pressure washing unit. Bridging the gap on those missing links of every pressure washer cluttering your garage for decades.

Giraffe Tools introduces us to an all inclusive pressure washing unit to organize and streamline your pressure washing needs. Most notably and our favored feature of the Grandfalls is that it is a wall mounted unit. No more dragging it around the garage or tripping over it. What takes this wall mounted feature to the next level is the 100 ft retractable hose.

Who is Giraffe Tools?

Retractable hoses are the flagship product design of Giraffe Tools. As a brand they set out to develop products that make for simplifying the hands on work of households all over. From retractable hoses for gas, water and air, Giraffe Tools has been creating solutions with automatic retraction hoses since 2017.

What’s in the box?

Giraffe Tools provides you with everything you need to not only get started washing your bike or car. It includes the hardware and plate to wall mount the unit, in addition a adapter hose for the unit to a standard spigot or garden hose. When it comes to the unit, a 100 ft long retractable hose and a spray gun with 4 separate spray nozzles and a foamer spray bottle attachment.

The Specs

Rated for 2200psi max pressure at 2.1GPM, the Grandfalls offers more than enough pressure to break through any of the grime on your bike as well as keep a low flow to not stack up those water bills. It has a 13.5 amp 1800w electric pump, TSS automatically manages the pump by turning off when the trigger is not engaged. This ensures a longer pump life as well as reducing water consumption. This is a standard 120v machine with a built in surge protector, allowing it to be plugged in to any outlet around your home. 

Final Word

If you’re looking for a pressure washer for you home, the Grandfalls should be on your list. Although it is a little pricier than units you may see at your local hardware store, the likelihood of seeing any other unit that is wall mounted and has a retractable 100 ft long hose is pretty slim. To be frank I had my reservations when it came to mounting in the garage and running a hose from the spigot to the unit, but to my surprise time and time again, use after use, I have not had one drip of water from any part of the hose connections or the machine itself. When it comes to using a pressure washer for washing your bikes or cars, the Grandfalls comes with everything you need to rinse, soap up, and rinse again. In addition I personally have used it with the various nozzles to clean up everything from the driveway to the back deck. The machine doesn’t feel cheap by any means and has functioned to 100% expectations from first use. 

Price: $309.95