Adventure ready folding electric bike

The HeyBike Ranger S is a Class 2 folding electric bike that is all sorts of adventure ready. HeyBike took their brand favorite, the Ranger, and brought some major upgrades to make the ultimate adventure eBike that is compact and easy to transport.

Folding electric bikes aren’t just for being compact, the Ranger S is full scale and ready to cruise down bike trails and race around town. At the same time it can fold down and make itself small to easily travel with or make for easy storage in your home.

The Lab

With presales starting at $1499, the HeyBike Ranger S has a 750w rear drive hub motor and a 48v 14.4Ah battery. It is a Class 2 electric bike with Pedal Assist up to 28mph and Throttle Assist up to 20mph.

The Step-Thru frame design allows for easy on/off access for riders. With a telescoping stem and plenty of seat post length, it can comfortably accommodate riders from 4’11” to 6’3″.

The Ranger S has 20×4″ fat tires with aggressive tread that tracks well in the dirt and provides fantastic traction on the road as well. The mag wheels look great on the Ranger S and offer stiffness and durability on those bumpy paths.

HeyBike offers four different colorways for the Ranger S. Merlot Red, Stone Blue, Shark Grey, and Metallic Sand as seen on our test model. It weighs 72 lbs, but with the removable battery, you can shave about 10 lbs making it easier to move around for storage.

The battery as mentioned is removable from the frame and has its own on/off switch. With the battery installed, the HeyBike Ranger S has an “Auto” button to activate the auto-sensing lights. It has a powerful front headlight that provides plenty of light to see on dark streets and an extremely bright LED tail light.

The Ranger S exclusively uses a cadence sensor and has 5 levels of Pedal Assist. Each mode has Assist cutoffs at different speeds starting around 10mph up to 28mph.

There is a thumb throttle located on the handlebars for easy access and Throttle Assist up to 20mph.

Outfitted on the Ranger S is a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain and RSX Hydraulic Disc brakes. The Ranger S has a more robust front suspension fork to accommodate the fat tires and offer more support for rugged terrain than the Ranger model.

It comes complete with fenders and a rear rack. HeyBike offers additional accessories for the Ranger S including: front and rear baskets, a front rack, and saddlebags.

You can also connect the Ranger S to the HeyBike app for cool features like Auto Lock and Unlock, Pedal Assist profiles for different riders, and ride mapping.

Quick Specs

  • 750w Motor

  • 48v 14.4Ah Battery

  • Class 2

  • Shimano 7 Speed

  • 20×4.0″ Wheels

  • 1499 Pre Sale


Not all folding bikes are built the same. HeyBike made some quality improvements to the Ranger S from the Ranger. Amongst those changes and to us the most noticeable is the more robust frame that now integrates the battery into the downtube. Along with the frame being more sturdy, the battery integration offers a sleeker look.

It’s important to mention the mechanism that allows the Ranger S to be foldable. It is very robust and looks almost overbuilt, which overbuilt is something we can only be glad to see.

The Ranger S cruises around town comfortably and down gravel roads with plenty of power. The 750w motor seems like a lot of power at first for a small bike like this, but the fat tires and upright seat position allows the Ranger S to feel planted allowing you to enjoy the power it has to offer.

We aren’t specifically seeking out folding bikes personally here at EBJ as we have vehicles that can transport bikes easily, and garages to store them. That being said we wore the other shoe for a bit and kept the Ranger S folded up in the office when at home and when transporting it out of town for a few summer adventures. The Ranger S makes it easy to fold up and it stands up very nicely even on uneven ground.


As a Class 2 electric bike the Ranger S has an abundance of power which is a great thing, but found that 28mph around town felt a little squirrly. The small 20″ wheels and the high handlebars are a bit touchier than most bikes and left us feeling most comfortable at around 24mph for the most part. Rider experience, height, weight, flat ground, downhill… these are all factors that play into the geometry of a bike and what speeds feel the most comfortable on it.

Foldable bikes fit a great niche of being able to transport and store easily without the need for a bike rack or a garage. Even at 60 lbs with the battery removed, it is still heavy and slightly awkward to lift and move around. Narrow pathways or having to lift up high to get into the back of a vehicle may be challenging for most without the assist of another person.

Final Thoughts

The Ranger S has been one of the smoothest and most powerful foldable electric bikes we’ve ridden in the last year. Although heavier and a little twitchier at higher speeds, the Ranger S surprised us every time we rode it. The fat tires and front suspension are exactly what allows this bike to adapt to all different types of terrain and feel comfortable along the way.

With a final MSRP just over $1500, folks will be hard pressed to find an equally capable foldable electric bike that can tackle all their weekend adventures as well as the Ranger S has shown itself capable of. 

Price: $1499 Pre Sale
Colors: Merlot Red, Stone Blue, Shark Grey, Metallic Sand
Weight: 72lbs