Fully Loaded Cargo Electric Bike for the family

MOD Bikes introduces the feature rich MOD Cargo to their 2024 collection. Sitting on 20″ wheels, the Cargo has a step thru frame for easy on and off access, a long cargo rack with a high load capacity and the same powerful dual battery drivetrain seen in the rest of the MOD collection.  The MOD Cargo is smooth and versatile for hauling kids or hauling a load of gear on your commute.  We were able to visit MOD Bikes in Austin a few years ago and they hinted at a cargo bike in their future. We were absolutely stoked to cruise around Austin again quickly and comfortably while hauling all of our gear with us.

MOD Cargo Specifications

The MOD Cargo starts at $2590 as a single battery Class 2,3 electric bike. It has the new MOD Drive 750w rear hub motor with peak 1000w of power. This motor produces 60nm of max torque. The battery is a removable 48v, 15ah (720Wh) battery, the Cargo is dual battery compatible to easily double your range, which is estimated around 50 miles. Another new feature of the revamped bikes from MOD is a smart torque sensor system that can be tuned through the display to your riding style.

A Shimano Altus 7-speed drivetrain is equipped on the Cargo with an 11-32T cassette. Hydraulic disc brakes with dual piston calipers and 180mm rotors help control the Cargo’s speed smoothly. For comfort, the Cargo has a MOZO front suspension fork with 50mm of travel, it does have a lockout and pre-load adjustment to tune it to your preference. There is a suspension seatpost as well to bring even more comfort to the rider.

As seen on other MOD models, there is an adjustable and foldable stem, allowing you to get the right height on the bars while riding, or flip them out of the way for storage. A neat design feature of the MOD Cargo is that you can stand the bike upright on the rear rack. This helps to take up less floor space for such a large bike.

There are mounting points all over the bike for many of the different accessories that MOD has. The front rack has quick-release mounting hardware allowing you to switch between the rack or basket. The rear rack, where the magic really happens on the Cargo, uses MOD’s patent pending Snap-On Rack. The rear has Dual Snap-On mounts which lets you swap your accessories around quickly. The rear has a suggested load capacity of 250 pounds, with an overall bike load capacity of 400 pounds.

No urban bike is complete without lights, the Cargo has a 300 lumen front light that can be mounted to the fork, or be relocated to the front rack if there is one outfitted on the bike. The rear has an LED light that acts as a running light, and brake light, while riding. If you’d like to increase your visibility, the Cargo is compatible with MOD Connect, allowing you to pair a Lumos helmet to the bike for front and rear lights and even turn signals. 

The Cargo rolls on 20×3″ wide fat tires. These tires are comfortable and wide enough to offer a smooth and comfortable ride around town.

Quick Specs

  • 750w Motor

  • 720Wh Battery

  • Class 2 or 3

  • 7 speed drivetrain

  • 20″ Wheels

  • $2590

Our Thoughts

The MOD Cargo is a fully loaded cargo bike ready to transform your family outings. From fenders to a dual battery option, the Cargo is ready for everyday use. Across the lineup, the new 750w motor is very powerful and smooth. Showing minimal power loss when climbing steep hills. The torque sensor helps to accomplish the smooth and powerful output of the motor. Of course there is a thumb throttle for those moments you would prefer to relax and focus on the things around you then pedal. We found the throttle to be very convenient when having to trek clear across town multiple times a day.

The step thru frame design is essential to the riding experience of the Cargo. When loaded up in the back, throwing your leg around is generally just not an option, and when you are a stop it’s easy to step forward without having the frame too close for comfort.

The Cargo is smooth down the road and handles very well at speed. As you get over 25mph it continues to feel comfortable and has plenty of braking power to ensure you feel confident cruising around.

As a cargo bike, loading is a significant detail. To start the center stand holds the Cargo bike up very firmly, keeping things stable while you tackle loading the rest of the bike. The Snap On accessories are really a great solution to being able to adapt your cargo-carrying accessories as the day changes. Although, we didn’t have a chance to haul a child around Austin with us, we did make sure to shuttle each other around on a few rides to see how it felt as the rider and the passenger. We would only suspect the experience to be even better for kids, but we found it to be totally comfortable and a quick way to get priority parking at restaurants.

Final Thoughts

Starting at $2590, the MOD Cargo is quite the contender for affordable cargo bikes for the family. Out of the box it really has everything to immediately start putting to use and getting the most out of riding a cargo bike around. We found it comfortable enough to ride around all day long and powerful enough to quickly race around town and haul gear up steep hills with easy.

MOD really does a great job at considering the rider experience. The list of Snap On rack accessories and a dual battery option really steps the MOD Cargo apart from many other cargo bikes, especially at their introductory price point.

If you’re looking to leave the car at home and start transforming your day to day by bike, the MOD Cargo bike is worth considering.

Price: $2590
Website: MOD-Bikes.com