Race Face is a company well known name in the mountain bike industry, and many e-bikers may not be savvy to their products. They make sturdy durable components to withstand the abuse a mountain biker puts their gear through. We were getting a bit tired of riding our test bikes with the original pedals so went to the local bike shop to look for a budget friendly upgrade, and that is where we grabbed the Race Face Chester Pedal.

Upgrading pedals, in our eyes, is one of the first things you should do when getting a new bike. It is nice that the bikes come shipped with pedals, but they plastic and very cheap. Upgrading your bike’s pedals to something with more grip will prevent slipping and give you better pedal power. Having more efficiency in your pedaling will transfer into better efficiency on the bike so you can get more out of it. Not only will you get better pedaling power, you can add a little flare to your bike with the many color options in the pedals.

Chrome Southside 3.0 Bicycle Shoes

The Race Face Chester pedal is made of a Nylon Composite and has a Chromoly Steel axle. The platform height is 18.4mm and has a length and width of 110mm x 100mmThere are 16 pins, 8 on each side that are removable and replaceable if you damage them. They come in weighing 360g.

The platform is a slim yet durable Nylon composite body is accented with a concave design, built in traction treads and 8 replaceable traction pins per side. The axle is made to stand up to punishment, the durable, sealed cro-mo axle rolls on a compeletly serviceable bearing + bushing set-up.

Right as we stepped over onto the Race Face Chester pedals we noticed a big difference in grip. The metal pins grip into the rubber on the sole of your shoe and don’t slip like plastic ones. Also noticeable is the coverage of the pedal under the foot, it has a wider footprint then the stock pedals so you have more of a surface area for your foot to land on. When pedaling you can feel the smoothness of the pedal as it spins around the axle.

All this is going to help out with efficiency on the bike. With less slip and a smoother spinning pedal human power can transfer into the bike much better. If you are on a bike that is only using throttle, well then this will give you a nice platform for your feet to grip onto while blasting full speed down the road. The Race Face Chester comes in 9 Vibrant colors so you can match it to your bike to add some nice flare to your electric bike

Price: $60
Colors: 9 different colors
Website: www.raceface.com