Stay warm on cooler rides

The POC Mantle Thermal Hoodie is a lightweight pullover perfect for those in between seasons when a full winter jacket is just too much. From cool days to light rains, the Mantle Thermal hoodie will keep you warm and dry without overheating. As the rain comes on heavier the Mantle Thermal hoodie makes a great base layer with a rain fly.

On and off bike the Mantle Thermal hoodie is a great addition to the wardrobe with a functional purpose. I’ve found it a staple outer layer to replace cotton sweatshirts riding, hiking, and casual bouts around town.

POC Sports has a massive collection of technical riding gear from road riding and mountain biking and even snow sports. The Mantle Thermal hoodie fits in with their technical gear as much as it does their lifestyle collection for both Men and Women.

POC Mantle Thermal Hoodie

The Lab

The POC Mantle Thermal hoodie has a nice slim fit with a quarter zip front. Making it more of an anorak then a pullover hoodie. The fit is similar to the POC Transcend Jacket we reviewed previously, the size Large I tested was a great choice to have ample room around my torso for layers and plenty of length in the sleeves to offer full coverage to my wrists while riding.

With the hood on, the quarter zip front will zip all the way up to your chin keeping the heat in and blocking the wind. Zipping it down for warmer rides allows plenty of airflow to help regulate your body temp without overheating.

The POC Mantle Thermal hoodie uses insulative recycled polyamide fabric. Along with being stretchy to not restrict the body while riding, the fabric is warm and durable.

The inner side is a brushed fabric with a waffle like pattern adding comfort and warmth. With the outer shell being host to the fluorocarbon free DWR offering the wind and water resistance.

Rated for 15000mm the water repellent material will keep you dry in moderately wet conditions, but excels when paired with a rain fly for those really wet rides. Additionally, the material is breathable, allowing moisture to escape when you’re working hard helping to regulate temps.

POC includes functional features like a sunglass holder, indicated by the double orange stitch on the front, and lycra cuffs to help keep the sleeves down. On the back there is a zippered pocket slightly larger then your hand which we’ve found useful to carry snacks and wallet on rides.

The hood is designed to fit under the helmet. In doing so the thin material of the Mantle Thermal hoodie is comparable to wearing a balaclava hood under the helmet.

The POC Mantle Thermal hoodie is offered in both men’s and women’s for $180. There are a few colors to choose from in sizes XS-XXL.

When a jacket is too much

When its not quite cold, only cool out, a jacket is often too much to ride in. The POC Mantle Thermal hoodie fills that void, being more than a wind breaker but not as bulky as a jacket.

I’ve found the Mantle Thermal hoodie to be a great companion the last few months from trail rides to casual rides around town. The slim fit and light weight material is extremely breathable while still keeping me warm. Often times in the shoulder season getting caught by a quick rain shower can come as a surprise. Why would it rain? It was sunny ten minutes ago!

The DWR coating holds up well to those light showers and takes a long sustained downpour for the material to meet it’s limit. With the rainy season coming on stronger, pairing it with a lightweight rainfly has been a true godsend in staying warm and dry without feeling the weight of a heavy winter rain jacket.

You’ve probably seen me wear this hoodie in quite a few of our reviews this past year. It’s gotten plenty of use and had a few passes through the laundry. Although it isn’t the best protocol to overly wash technical garments as we know it breaks down DWR coatings. The sweat and some mud called for a good cleaning. Always wash appropriately, in cold water with the proper cleaning agents, and hang dry, the Mantle Thermal hoodie may have lost a pinch of its DWR, but still looks as new as day one and is just as warm.

Overall, the POC Mantle Thermal hoodie is a bit on the pricey side, but the benefits of a technical garment outshine any cotton layer we often find ourselves wearing. Whether it be mountain biking or commuting, the slim fit and lightweight material offers exactly what you’re looking for when being active and wanting to stay warm and dry.

Price: $180
Sizing: S-XXL
Colors: Uranium Black, Jasper Brown