Ultimate gloves for wet rides

With sunny days ahead, we in the Pacific Northwest know that our rainy days are numbered but not over. When it comes to technical riding gear Showerspass understands the need for all season protection better then most, specifically when it comes to staying dry. Over the last few months of rain, snow, and miserable cold, we’ve been putting the Cross Point Waterproof Knit Gloves to work. The Sport version of these gloves have been ideal for urban rides and the countless wet rides in the woods on both the gravel and mountain bikes.

Showerspass has a few waterproof gloves in their collection, these Cross Point Sport gloves that are very similar to the regular Crosspoint Knit Gloves but have a shorter wrist and enhanced contact points on the thumb and index finger for smart phone sensitivity.

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The Lab

The Cross Point Waterproof Knit Gloves: Sport are Showerspass most popular glove in their lineup and after many many rides we undoubtably understand why.

With a $47 price tag, we find every fiber to be worth it in keeping the hands warm and dry.

They come in Black or the Safety Orange we tested. Although we typically steer towards less flashy gear, we found the high vis color to balance out well, not to mention added visibility in drawing attention from drivers on dark and gloomy rides in rain storms.

The Cross Point is a lightweight glove and with all things considered doesn’t feel like a diving glove that renders your hand immobile. The fit is snug with plenty of flexibility to navigate your handlebar controls.

The thumb and index finger have an enhanced conductive yarn that boost connectivity with navigating your smart phone. Having tested many gloves, the Cross Point has been the most sensitive and consistent glove to use on a screen.

Showerspass uses a Three Layer Construction on the Cross Point gloves. An Inner Coolmax-blend wick’s moisture from your hands to keep them dry. The middle layer is an Artex membrane that is waterproof and breathable to prevent water from getting in while still allowing the wicked moisture from the inner layer to escape.

The exterior layer is a wear resistant knit material that wraps the outside of the glove to protect the Artex and Coolmax from the elements. This exterior knit layer helps to make the gloves look just like any other knit glove at first glance.

Showerspass does a very good job to accurately represent the sizing of the gloves. The chart they provide (see below) is very spot on and if you feel as though you may be between sizes we would encourage sizing up.

I typically am a large glove wearer and often find the fingers to be too short on many gloves despite the fit of the palm being perfect. I don’t find that issue with the Cross point, although with a fully spread hand as though trying to palm a basketball it begins to get tight between the thumb and index finger.

The cuff on the Cross Point rises about an 1.5-2” past the wrist and is very snug, helping to fit under the sleeves of a jacket. This is noticeably different from the longer cuff of the regular Crosspoint.

On the underside of the glove there is a dispersed silicone grip pattern. Wide spread across the palm with smaller patterns rising up the fingers. These Silicone dashes offer great grip and on the super soggy days when your grips are soaked, they make superb contact to keep things under control.

Dry hands on the wettest rides

With many gloves we find some of the claims to not hold up over time. The Cross Point has not let up and show no signs of breaking down for seasons to come. The Safety Orange actually makes it very easy to see how the outer knit layer will hold up to wear. After riding through horrible conditions more times then one would prefer, the Cross Point still looks brand new even on the palm where a lot of wear is happening from grabbing the grips. Addtionally, the fingertips still work just as they did day one when navigating a screen.

My first thought was to consider these very much so a winter glove, but as the days have warmed up and the 30° temps are no longer present, the Coolmax-blend of the interior liner has been helping to keep the hands cool. I wouldn’t likely find myself wearing them on a 70° day or warmer, but that’s more so due to preferring to not wear gloves even if it’s raining when it gets warmer out.

The trend year after year is to retire a pair of gloves after a season. The abuse and general wear and tear they undergo typically leads to the end of their life. The Cross Point will live on for another season which speaks to the quality of Showerspass products and ultimately comes to no surprise that their use will continue on for season’s to come.

Our team is constantly discussing the many details and caveats of cycling. From the bike itself to all the points of contact with the road and the body. Tires, helmets, saddles, and with the change of every season, gloves.

As we try gloves throughout the year in many disciplines of riding there are always the select few that make our top lists to keep around and want to ensure they are always around for the day they will be needed.

The Cross Point Waterproof Knit Gloves: Sport are worth every fiber and the peace of mind knowing that having cold and wet hands will be a thing of the past.

Price: $47
Sizing: Small-XLarge
Colors: Black, Safety Orange
Website: showerspass.com

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