The Rapha Trail Fast & Light shorts are made for those hot days on the bike. The Trail Fast & Light shorts are made with a combination of lightweight 4-way stretch and abrasion-resistant nylon fabrics provides exceptional breathability and enhanced durability. These are a slim fit and ergonomic short with a shorter leg that is optimized for hotter days. The shorts have an adjustable variable width webbing waistband so you can get a precise fit around your waist. They have a DWR finish to help reduce moisture puck up and aid in drying these shorts quickly.

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The Rapha Trail Fast & Light Shorts have a zippered pocket on the right and the left. There is an internal phone sleeve in each pocket to keep your phone secure no matter which pocket you keep it in. The pockets are on the side of the leg to not get away when pedaling, unlike traditional pockets on the front of your leg. The shorts also come with a Rapha Repair Kit with color-match iron on patches incase you get a rip in the shorts. If that doesn’t get the job done, you can send the shorts to Rapha for further repair services. The main part of the shorts are made of 85% Nylon/15% Elastane and the contrasting part of the short is made from 88% Nylon/12% Elastane.

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the Rapha Trail Fast & Light shorts was the weight. They are nice and lightweight and have a soft feel to them. Having that lighter weight short is very nice for the hotter days of the year. The short material is super soft and stretchy, yet feels durable. It is great to see that they come with a repair kit as well, a little added bonus.

The Trail Fast and Light shorts are definitely on the slimmer side. I was a little concerned it would be hard to pedal in them at first. After some initial in house yoga maneuvers to feel the stretch, my concerns went away. They move nicely with your legs and the adjustable waistband clip keeps them in the right place on your waist. This makes throwing your leg up and over a bike much easier then with tighter no stretch pants and is very welcome.

The Rapha Trail Fast and Light Shorts fit right in riding an electric mountain bike on hot days to cruising around the city on an electric urban bike. The pockets hold your items secure on a bumpy trail and the items inside don’t feel like they are in the way on the side. This takes a second to get used to when riding around the city as most urban shorts have normal pocket placement. I would grab these shorts when I knew it would be a hot day in the saddle, whether it be to the trails or a quick spin around town. They may seem expensive for a pair of riding shorts, but the Rapha Trail Fast & Light Shorts make the riding experience feel great and look good at the same time.  

Price: $125.00
Sizing: XS – XXL
Colors: Blue Green/EggShell, Gray/Light Grey, Old Gold/Black, Navy/Orange