The Vaast E1 with Enviolo is a purpose built electric bike designed from the ground up to make your commute by bike the best it can be. The unique design of the frame with the NAILD react suspension make this bike build with utility and comfort in mind.

The Lab

The Vaast E1 is a class 3 electric bike with pedal assist up to 28mph. It has a Bosch power tube 500 watt hour battery powers Bosch Gen 4 Performance line Speed mid drive motor. The battery is integrated internally into the seat post and is removable to charge off the bike. This is all controlled with Bosch Kiox control unit that also has bluetooth connectivity. The controller is removable and it essentially locks the bike so you can’t turn it on. 

The Vaast E1 is a full suspension bike. The frame is a monoframe built Hydroformed Aluminum with a unique layout of internal components including the NAILD react rear suspension system. The NAILD suspension is made to not lose efficiency when pedaling to minimize energy loss and maximize the impact of human effort.  The front suspension fork is a SunTour Durolux36, 110mm Travel.

The E1 features the Enviolo ST internal gear hub with a Gates Carbon belt drive. This internal hub leaves infinite gear ratios with a twist of the grip shifter. The brakes are Shimano 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors. The wheels are 27.5 in wheels with Schwable Super Moto-X 62-584 Reflex tires. Integrated on the bike are a front and rear rack for versatility in carrying cargo with a payload of 45 pound between both racks. 



The Vaast E1 Enviolo a very premium electric bike packed with tons of features. The unique monoframe with front and rear suspension give this a comfortable ride and it soaks up the bumps in the road with ease. THe NAILD rear suspension is awesome technology and works great. You don’t feel a loss of efficiency with the suspension, it just benefits your comfort on the ride. 

The oversized front rack was able to hold our larger bags no issue and the bike handled well with the weight in the front. The sturdy rear rack would be easy to add a large basket or panniers for added versatility. Being able to easily take the computer off the stem when you park the bike is great. it is magnetically attached and comes off and is installed back on quickly. It also has tons of information to help give you real time range and can be used for turn by turn directions. 

The Vaast E1 is also quick when put in Turbo mode with the Bosch performance line speed motor. Getting over 25mph is quick and doesn’t take much effort. The Enviolo drivetrain with the internal geared hub is smooth and quiet. It also is nice to be able to shift into an easier gear from a stand still to get going, no need to worry about downshifting before coming to a stop. The battery is in the seat tub under the seat, and its dropped in place into the seat post which makes for awesome integration into the frame.


The Vaast E1 did not have too many downsides in our opinion. The bike is definitely on the heavier side at 80lbs, but that added weight gives you really sturdy racks and full suspension. It can handle a good payload and has the power in a high pedal assist mode to get you moving. The weight of the bike will make it difficult to bring up stairs if needed. 

Just by habit I always try and move a bike by its seat, and the seat adjustment has many height positions and is easily adjusted to the height the rider needs. There is a warning very visible on the rack near the seat tube to NOT lift the bike by its seat, but I did it many times out of habit. Just one thing to that I had to get used to. 

The price point on the Vaast E1 is on the high side. At $8499 it has a premium price tag. That price will give some people sticker shock. We get that, and a bike at that price point may not be in the range for most consumers. The VAAST E1 is definitely a premium bike and you could say it is equivalent to a luxury car versus a standard car. 

If you are a person looking for a premium bike with awesome technology this could be the bike for you. The VAAST E1 comes with very nice partsand components that are made to last. Having the sturdy integrated racks and integrated lights make it ready to ride and for your commute or errand run. This bike could easily be a full car replacement for someone committing to riding instead of driving.

Price: $8,499
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Weight: 80lbs