The Showers Pass Apex Tee is a tech-T that blends comfort and technology with a casual style. Showers Pass makes products with the cyclist in mind, but that doesn’t stop their gear from working well for runners, hikers, climbers or just people that like to play outside. They make products that reflect their work-hard/play hard attitude and are committed to using high-performance materials with functional designs to keep you comfortable and outside longer. 

If you have been an active outdoors person for long enough, you know that a good non-cotton shirt is a staple. Sure, cotton is soft and nice for everyday use, but once you get moving and sweating it does not have great moisture wicking properties and will take longer to dry. Also, cotton does not do well in the smell department after getting sweaty.  This is where Technical T-Shirt (Tech Tee) come into play. Showers Pass uses a variety of fabrics used to make Tech Tees, but the primo fabric is Merino Wool. The Apex Merino Tech T-shirt is a prime example of a product that goes with Showers Pass’ values.

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The Apex Merino Tech T-shirt features Merino Wool which is spun around a nylon core. This gives the shirt more washable durability and gives it the moisture-wicking, anti-stink benefits of Merino Wool. The blend ratio is 87% Merino Wool and 13% Nylon and offers all the natural antimicrobial properties from odors of Merino Wool. The flatlock raglan sleeves reduce chafing on the arms and there is also flat lock stitching on the side panels. The side panels feature more of an athletic cut and this helps reduce the chance of chafing compared to a more traditional shirts’ side seam.

It has a relaxed fit for comfort and has a longer back length for extra coverage on the bike. Showers Pass is all about visibility and the Apex Merino Tech-T has a reflective label on the back to increase visibility. It is made with a 150gsm performance fabric and has a rating of UPF 40 sun protection. All of this combined makes a performance forward, durable and comfortable shirt.

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Personally I have been a fan of Merino Wool cycling gear for a while now, and I try to convert people whenever I can. When I rode across the country I wore Merino Wool jerseys as they have impressive moisture wicking capabilities and don’t smell after repeated long days in the saddle. That ride really made me a believer in Merino Wool. This love for Merino also has started to bleed over into some everyday clothing items as well.

Out of the box, the Showers Pass Apex Tech Tee had a very soft feel. You could feel the quality of it right away. After taking it out of the minimal packaging (always a plus), I noticed how light it was, also a plus. The fit is on the slimmer side of relaxed, but I prefer that for my cycling gear so there isn’t any extra material flapping in the wind. We still had some inclement weather during the first few times I wore this shirt, and so I wore it as a base layer under a sweater. I wore it for several rides the first warm days of spring and enjoyed the breathability when cruising around town along with the moisture wicking benefits of the fabric. The longer back is also very welcome, it is just long enough to get over the waist of your bottoms when in a riding position.


If you have been on the fence about trying a Merino-Wool Tech Tee for riding then I hope I may have convinced you to try one out. Showers Pass’ Merino Apex Tech Tee is a great entry into your world of Merino-Wool. The fit is definitely comfortable, but on the slimmer side of relaxed. I am 5’8″ and am wearing a size small. For the purpose of science I have done a few rides and no wash, and can report back of no smell. Luckily this shirt is machine washable so it will be easy for me to throw it in the wash now that our “official test period” is over and I can just wear it as part of my normal wardrobe

Price: $75.00
Sizing: SM – XXL
Colors: Black, Alpine Blue, Clay, Light Teal, Arctic Dusk

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