Easy going stylish E-bike with sidecar capabilities

The MOD easy isn’t your typical looking e-bike. It draws inspiration from early 20th century motorcycles with a retro looking frame and tank. Add a powerful rear hub motor with the ability to add a sidecar and you have yourself a unique e-bike. Let’s get into our review of the MOD Easy e-bike.

MOD Easy Retro Inspired E-Bike

The MOD Easy comes shipped as a Class 2 e-bike, but can be programmed to be a class 1 or 3 e-bike as well. The heart of the Easy is the MOD Samsung Powerpack 47v 15Ah (720wh) battery that is removable. This battery is inside what looks like the gas tank of the bike, so it is secure and hidden in there. Along with that, you can purchase another battery that can mount under the tank area to double your capacity. Moreover, this powers the 750w rear MOD Drive hub motor that has peak power output of 1050 watts. The new MOD Bikes S3 color display has a USB port and is where you can custom set program the 5 levels of pedal assist. Additionally, the Easy uses a new smart torque sensing system to help give you a more natural ride feel.

The drivetrain for the MOD Easy is a 7 speed drivetrain with a Shimano Altus rear detailer. Along with that, it has 180mm hydraulic disk brakes front and rear to help you stop. The fork is a Mozo suspension fork with 100mm of travel that has pre-load and a lockout. Also, there is a suspension seat post to help add to the comfort of the ride.

The MOD Easy has 24″ wheels that have 3″ multi terrain tires on them. The saddle is a Faux leather Selle Royal Saddle and the grips match the saddle color. The stem is adjustable as well to accommodate your stem angle preference. In addition there are fenders front and rear with a MOD snap on rack included that is able to carry up to 65 lbs.

The MOD Easy weighs 77 pounds and has a payload capacity of 300 pounds. Additionally the Easy can accommodate a wide range of rider size, from 5’2″ to 6’7″. With the single included battery the pedal assist range is up to 50 miles.

Quick Specs

  • 750w Motor

  • 720Wh Battery

  • Class 1-3

  • 7 speed

  • 24″ Wheels

  • $3,290

Our Thoughts

We had the chance to ride previous version of the MOD Easy and enjoyed our time then. Clearly this is a stand out looking e-bike, and the new upgrades have made it a more enjoyable riding experience. The retro looking style and comfortable riding position are some of the stand out features of the MOD Easy. The Smart Torque sensing system does a solid job of sensing the amount of power you are putting into the pedals. In return, depending on which pedal assist mode you are in, you get a good amount of reliable pedal assist. When using Turbo mode you can really feel the power of the motor, and it can get you up to max pedal assist of 28mph quickly. In addition to that, the throttle is smooth and responsive for those times you want to skip pedaling.

Speaking of comfort, the Selle Royale saddle is comfortable enough for those longer days riding around the city. I am usually not a fan of wide comfort saddles, but this one worked well for me. Along with a comfortable saddle, you get front suspension and a suspension seat post to add to the comfort of the ride.  Not only that, but the big 24″x3″ tires feel good on the road as well as some dirt paths we rode on.

The Easy is a quick and handles well when at the class 3 limits of riding. We rode with Dor, the founder of MOD, and he was on a mission to get us to the convention center in Austin. Most of the way we were able to stay pedaling above 25mph and the bike handled well, as well as stopped well when needing to.

Lastly, you are able to attach the MOD Sidecar to the Easy. This is something you don’t see everyday on an e-bike, or regular bike alone. The sidecar is an additional accessory you can purchase from MOD, and it has a quick release attachment for ease of taking it on and off. The max payload of the sidecar is 150lbs, so I was just about the max load for it. We took the Easy with the sidecar for a ride and it was a really fun experience. Clearly it is not something everyone sees everyday, we got a lot of waves and thumbs ups along the way.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly the MOD Easy, especially with the sidecar is a unique looking e-bike. There aren’t many other e-bikes out there that draw the attention like the Easy with the sidecar attachment. Besides the cool looks, the Easy also is a very functional e-bike for everyday use. The MOD Snap on rear rack allows you to easily snap a rear basket on there to carry some loads. The rear rack is also capable and ready for a child seat as well.

In addition to those feature, the Easy with the new color display allows you to connect to a Lumos Smart helmet. With MOD Connect and the Lumos helmet you have added visibility with the blinkers on the helmet you control from the thumb controller on the bike. Obviously you will need the smart helmet to be able to use this feature, but it is a great addition for safety and visibility.

There really isn’t much we didn’t enjoy about the easy. Even so, we can see this bike being a bit heavy for some people coming in at 77lbs. Nonetheless, you get a feature packed bike that will turn heads with the sidecar attachment on there. Not only is the Easy a fun, cruiser style e-bike, add the rear rack and the sidecar and you have yourself capable cargo bike. We had many thoughts of what we could do with the Easy plus the sidecar.  If you are looking for a fast, retro motorcycle inspired e-bike, the MOD Easy may very well be for you.

Price: $3,290
Sizes: One size
Weight: 77 lbs
Website: MOD-bikes.com