Quality ebike on a budget

The State 6061 eBike Commuter is a no fuss and minimal Class 1 electric bike ideal for those looking for not only a good looking bike but also one that carries the State Bicycles reputation being well constructed. The matte black finish and single speed drivetrain keep this bike sleek and stylish, all the while delivering a comfortable pedal assist to tackle hills and commute to work with ease.

The Lab

With an overall weight of about 38 lbs, thanks to the 6061 aluminum frameset, it is light and stiff making it snappy and nimble around town. State offers the 6061 eBike in three different sizes: 49cm, 53cm and 57cm. For our testing purposes we had the 57cm and at 6 feet tall, found it to be a very comfortable size for commuting around town as well as on longer pedal days in the countryside to see how it road sustained for comfort and range.

The State 6061 eBike Commuter is your classic flat bar road style bike with 700c wheels and Kenda 700x40c tires with K Sheild puncture protection technology.

The Pedal Assist is delivered from an integrated 360wh LG battery in the down tube with a 250w rear hub motor. State has integrated the LCD display into the stem to keep things as minimal as possible on the handlebars. With a relatively small controller to navigate the display and PAS modes located near the left grip. The 6061 eBike has 5 levels of pedal assist using a cadence sensor to deliver different outputs of power between the modes.

State claims the 6061 eBike Commuter to be capable of up to 24 miles of range in PAS level 5 and over 100 miles in PAS level 1. Range is highly variable based on rider weight, tire pressure, temperature, grade of terrain and many additional factors, but we have consistently seen it attain over 20 miles time and time again in Level 5. With a 3.5 hour charge time, bringing the charger to work and topping off for longer distance days is a great way to manage getting the most range for those wanting to ride in Level 5.

Similar to many other bikes in the State Bicycles lineup the 6061 eBike Commuter has a single speed drive train. With a 48T chain ring a 16T cassette it has a 3-1 gear ratio which is on the higher end of ratios, ideal for flatter terrain. Being a chain drive it would be easy to remove a few links and use a smaller chainring for terrain that has more hills to make for easier riding.

There are mechanical disc brakes front and rear with 160mm rotors. The brakes have a very natural feel and are easily maintainable and serviceable. For a lighter weight single speed eBike such as this, 160mm rotors are a great size to deliver ample stopping power.

Wrapping up the design of the 6061 eBike Commuter, State has included water bottle bosses on the seat tube and assorted bosses on the seat stay for a pannier rack or fenders. Additionally, State offers bundle options on their website when ordering, including lights, locks, pedals, water bottle cages, and a kickstand. These are great additions to consider when looking for a turn-key eBike to begin commuting. Quickly adding one of every accessory (rather non-specifically) added about $112 to the order which is a fair value to have everything you need to begin commuting.

Quick Specs


How does the State 6061 eBike Commuter ride? As mentioned the 6061 aluminum frame and fork are stiff, yet rather compliant. This allows the bike to be snappy and nimble without having too much flex, but longer rides you can start to feel the road chatter just as you would any aluminum framed bike. However, the combination of 40c width tires and a comfortable saddle really allow this bike to be much more comfortable and likely skinnier tires alone would really highlight the stiffness. Bear in mind, the 6061 eBike has a load capacity of 330lbs which is relative to the frame construction and the durable 6061 aluminum construction. There is room in the frame to size up the tires if desired, ultimately it is a great platform for commuting which is its intended purpose.

State offers a replacement battery for $300 directly from them, which when purchasing an eBike is nice to know that the brand carries necessary components such as the battery for warranty, repair, or upgrade purposes. The list of additional accessories from State Bicycles speaks widely to their years as a bike manufacturer and how they provide for their customers.


Being such a minimal bike with a single-speed drivetrain, it doesn’t look like an eBike at all when next to other bikes and gives it a leg up on multi-speed bikes when locking up in bike racks or carrying up stairs if need be. The downside of the single-speed is 3.00 gear ratio, which is a little tall for stop and go riding, but necessary to attain that 20mph PAS comfortably. For more fit riders this wouldn’t be considered a problem, for others, they may find those initial first few pedal strokes to be a little difficult. Between the 5 levels of Pedal Assist we found our selves most often riding in Level 3 or 4, this is where it felt most natural in pedal feel and assisted power.

The integrated display into the stem allows for a very organized and clean handlebar flight deck. However for those looking to customize their bike and change stems and handlebars, they will be limited on options since there are not other solutions for housing the lcd display.

For $1500 this State 6061 eBike Commuter is a solid platform and a great solution for urban lifestyle, we have opted to run fenders on the bike and a frame bag to allow it to be better suited for wet winter riding. The SKS Speedrocker fenders fit very nicely and easily onto the frame and the State Wedge frame bag not only fits well but looks great paired to the State frame.

Final Thoughts

With very few bells and whistles it maintains with its lightweight design, electric assist system, and versatile features, it’s a great contender for navigating busy city streets. The State 6061 eBike commuter has commuting as the highest priority and takes no shortcuts with a sporty approach to a bike that will handle rough roads and the abuse of bike racks. The lack of quick release components and integrated battery aid in preventing quick theft. Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, the 6061 eBike Commuter has got you covered.

Price: $1499
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Weight: ~38lbs
Website: statebicycles.com