The Super73 S2 is an impressive multi-class electric bike with a range of options for riders.

The Super73 S2 electric bike has probably caught your eye if you’ve been paying attention to electric bikes the past few years. We got a chance to test one out to see why there are so many on the road.

The Lab

The Super73 S2 boasts a 750watt rear hub motor with a peak power output of 1200 watts, powered by a large 960 watt hour battery that takes 6 to7 hours to fully charge.

One of the standout features of the Super73 S2 is the ability to set the class type via the Super73 app. There are four class modes to choose from, including Class 1 which is pedal assist only up to 20mph, Class 2 which has pedal assist and throttle up to 20 mph, Class 3 which is pedal assist only up to 28mph, and Off-road mode which has pedal assist and throttle up to 28+mph.

This single speed bike has hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, front suspension, and 20” wheels with 20×4.5” tires in the front and 20×5” tires in the rear. The bike also has an integrated headlight and tail light, fenders front and rear, and a small display that shows speed, range, and assist level.

The Super73 S2 has a stand over height is 31 inches and the rider weight limit is 325 pounds. The estimated range is between 40-70 miles, depending on your assist level and the S2 weighs 73 pounds.


Quick Specs

  • 750w Motor

  • 960Wh Battery

  • Multi Class

  • Singlespeed Drivetrain

  • 20″ Wheels

  • $3,295


One of the great things about the Super73 S2 is how it looks. This e-bike is definitely an eye turner, and it’s a blast to ride. The thumb throttle on the right side makes it more natural feeling for those used to riding motorcycles or ATVs. The bike also has a slightly higher seat height compared to the entry level Super73 Miami, making it more comfortable for taller riders. The seat is also spacious enough to hold two riders easily.

The front suspension helps dampen out the bumps in the road, making for a more comfortable ride, and the large fat tires hold their speed well and add to the dampening of bumpier streets. When put into Off-road mode, the bike is quick and fun, and we were surprised at how fast you can get up to just about 30mph. We had a chance to take it on a little off roading spot and had fun going around turns and doing tiny jumps. 


While the Super73 S2 is not the most pedal friendly bike with its short crank arms, it’s more suited as a fun bike to throttle around town than a pedal-assisted electric bike. The bike is also on the heavy side, weighing in at 73 pounds, making it a decent amount of work to pedal without power. The tires are good for the road and some light gravel, but they’re pretty slick when it gets wet or muddy.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Super73 S2 is a great bike for someone looking to get around quickly. It’s reminiscent of a moped and is perfect for running errands, especially if you add racks or panniers to hold some cargo. Everyone who rode this bike had a blast, and it’s easy to see why so many people are out on Super73s. 

Price: $3,295
Sizes: One Size
Weight: 73lbs