WTB has modernized its beloved Silverado and Volt saddles with updated aesthetics, improved comfort (yes, that’s somehow possible) and our new Fusion Form technology. The Silverado and Volt have gone nearly unchanged since their introductions over a decade ago and their widespread prevalence on bikes today is proof that unrivaled comfort is a timeless achievement. When it came time to update them, we needed to be certain the new versions would further build upon the comfort of their tried-and-true predecessors. We dissected every minute detail of the original designs, refined them wherever feedback deemed necessary, and created countless samples in the process. In the end, thousands of hours of on-trail testing confirm the Silverado and Volt are simply better in every way.

Same Silverado. Just More Comfortable.

Who says you can’t make the best even better? Pressure mapping technology was used to determine where pinpoint pressures existed on the original Silverado and how we could better distribute those pressures to the sit bones. The result is a slightly flatter profile that further reduces perineal pressure. Silverado also now features a shorter 265mm length to provide seamless on-off transitions while still providing plenty of room for riders to slide forward and maximize power output on steep climbs. Shorter saddles allow people to achieve a more forward-leaning riding

position without interference from the nose of the saddle. The updated Silverado is also available in a traditional wrapped-and-stapled version in medium (142mm) width and steel or cromoly rails to provide similar comfort at more affordable prices.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It. The Volt.

Over a million riders have depended on the comfort of the Volt and therefore our goal was to refresh the look of the Volt while still retaining its soul. We utilized pressure mapping technology to ensure the comfort and shape of the Volt stayed the same while giving it a modern look. After all, there’s a reason why the Volt is already among the most trusted saddles in the history of cycling. So here it is, the same Volt you know and love…now with a new look made possible by Fusion Form.

Fusion Form and Refined Aesthetics

Both updated saddles feature WTB’s new Fusion Form technology, which allows us to fine-tune the amount of fiber infused into the nylon of each specific saddle model to create a flex profile that balances comfort, support and durability to match the intended use of each individual saddle. The Silverado optimizes efficiency in a forward-leaning pedaling position by using fiber percentage similar to the recently released Gravelier saddle. The updated Volt base features less fiber to increase flex and improve comfort for mountain bike riders who tend to pedal in a more upright position. Fusion Form also allows the padding to be recessed into the base, which provides a sleek aesthetic without actually reducing overall padding thickness. This results in the same comfort you’ve come to know and love with our traditional wrapped-and-stapled saddles, but with a clean new look.


The updated Fusion Form version of the Silverado is available in a narrow (133mm) or medium (142mm) width while the new Volt is available in a medium (142mm) width. All WTB saddles are priced solely according to their rail material rather than by product family. Available saddle rail material options vary depending on the saddle, but MSRP remains the same for each rail material.

MSRP$47.95 for Steel
$95.95 for Chromoly
$119.95 for Stainless
$142.95 for Titanium
$249.95 for Carbon

Can’t wait to get your hands (or buns) on one? Good news…they’re available now!