Rad Power Bikes has made an impressive dent in the electric bike world. For years, Rad Power Bikes can be found all over with friends and family likely being owners of at least one. Coming in to 2024 Rad Power has revised their offerings and positioned to make dramatic improvements to its fan favorites as well as launch an entirely new bike.

Safety and Performance are the key focuses Rad Power brought to the table. From a safety stand point, the battery was a primary focus. The new Safe Shield battery has been designed with new thermal-resistant technology and meets UL 2271 standards. Addtionally, Rad Power has increased the spec on their lights. The front lights are now 200 lumens for a much brighter night riding experience. Out back, the rear lights are also brighter and have integrated turn signals for increased visibility when out on the road.

Diving into the performance aspect, the list of changes and improvements is nothing but short. With wheel size changes and a focus on weight distribution and lower center of gravity boosts the comfort and control of these bikes. With more confidence while riding, Rad Power has introduced a torque sensor into their new systems. The torque sensor is smooth and controlled for a very natural pedaling feel. This doesn’t take away the throttle that Rad owners have grown to love. In fact, we feel it has made it better and more useable. The initial engagement of the throttle is more smooth and the overall sensitivity is easier to modulate while riding.

Continue reading to learn more about the new tech and features Rad Power Bikes has released and to learn about the updated RadWagon 5 and RadExpand 5 Plus, and of course to learn all about the new Radster Road and Radster Trail.



Who is Rad Power Bikes

If you’ve even remotely glanced at electric bikes, you’ve probably seen or heard of Rad Power Bikes. As one of North America’s largest ebike brands, Mike Radenbaugh conceived Rad Power Bikes over a decade ago in his family’s garage.

Fast forward from the garage built era of “Franken” bikes, Rad Power Bike’s has many models in their lineup, the RadRunner and RadWagon being two of their most popular models.

Rad Power Bike’s is now based in Seattle, Washington. With over 100,000 electric bike’s sold over the years, Rad Power Bike’s is among the largest electric bike manufacturing brands.

Where is Rad Power Bikes from?

Originally, their story begins in Northern California, but they call Seattle home.

Are Rad Power Bikes made in China?

Like most bike brands, Rad Power Bike’s are currently manufactured in China. They are setting their sites on bringing their manufacturing abilities to North America and Europe in the near future.

Where is Rad Power Bikes from?

Originally, their story begins in Northern California, but they call Seattle home.

What size motor do Rad Power Bikes have?

With the launch of their new collection for 2024, a newly designed 750 watt motor powers their bikes.

Do Rad Power Bike’s have a torque sensor?

Along with a newly designed motor, four of the new 2024 models will use a torque sensor.

Are Rad Power Bike’s safe?

The 2024 models have a UL 2849 certification on the battery with a UL 2271 certification for the whole bike. Additionally, they have an IPX-6 weather rating.


More than your average update, better performance and more safety

Rad Power Bikes invited us up to Seattle to meet the team and see the new bikes. Of course, we were excited to get out of town and take the new bikes out for a tour of Seattle. With the launch of the 2024 collection, there are updates to the RadWagon 5 and RadExpand. Even more exciting to us was to see the all new Radster.

New Safe Shield Battery

New for the 2024 bikes is the Safe Shield Battery with thermal-resistant technology. This is a UL 2271 certified battery that is safer and more efficient.

The Safe Shield Battery is currently compatible with the RadWagon 5 and RadExpand 5 Plus. Additionally, you can upgrade 2020 and later models that use an external battery. When using as an upgrade to older models, users will see an increase in range from ~7% to ~50% depending on the model.

The Radster will get a Safe Shield Advanced Semi-Integrated battery, 14.4-15Ah. These new batteries will have Auto-resetting fuses and a battery management system with short protection.

Torque Sensor

After years of exclusively having Cadence sensor operated drive systems, Rad Power Bikes will be including Torque sensor’s on the RadWagon 5, RadExpand 5 Plus and the Radster. We find this as quite the upgrade and a dramatic increase in the ride experience.

These bikes will be Class 1, 2, 3 compatible (with the exemption of the RadExpand 5 plus as Class 1 or 2 only).

The Torque sensor offers a smooth and predictable power output to the drive unit. We found that the sensitivity with the throttle is enhanced as well giving you more control of the throttle to cruise more comfortably at different speeds.

Full Color Display

There are two new full color display’s coming to the new bikes this year. Starting with the standard full color display on the RadWagon and RadExpand, the display will be brighter and easier to read. Similar to your car, the use of color helps to separate the information on the screen to more easily and quickly monitor.

On both displays a usb port has been added to assist in charging your mobile devices on the go.

The new display seen on the Radster really is a jump towards the future of Rad Power Bikes and security. The new display on the Radster has a security feature that the user can enable. This feature allows you to have the Radster autolock when not in use. By entering a passcode or tapping the display with a fob, you will be able to unlock the bike to begin riding.

Updated Lighting

Brighter is better and safer. A 200 lumen front light has been outfitted to the new bikes to offer greater visibility with further range and a wider spread.

Even more welcome to see on the new bikes is a new taillight. This new rear light is not only bright and larger for greater visibility, it has integrated turn signals.

 Meet the Bikes 

If you have kept an eye on cargo bikes in the past few years you’ve probably seen a version of the RadWagon more than once. We reviewed the RadWagon 4  last year, and enjoyed it, the RadWagon 5 just gets better. Taking quite a dramatic transformation from it’s predecessor, the RadWagon 5 is slight smaller. With a shorter wheelbase, a lower stepover height, and smaller wheels, The RadWagon 5 seems like the most revised version of the RadWagon to date.

RadExpand 5 Plus

A staple for Rad Power, the RadExpand is their only folding electric bike. Sharing many of the new features with the new RadWagon. The RadExpand 5 Plus is a folding fat tire electric bike with a Class 2 rating.

For those urban dwellers looking to minimize their footprint, a folding bike is a fantastic solution, especially in electric form. With a half turn throttle, this Class 2 electric bike has plenty of power to get up the steepest of hills and to happily enjoy throttle support rides across town.

Thanks to a new 750w rear hub motor with 64Nm of torque, the RadExpand 5 Plus has an impressive estimated range of up to 60 miles. Expanding on the list of new features, a front suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes. A major step forward in improved comfort and performance.

Safety has also been improved with the addition of a Safe Shield battery and improved lighting. A 200 lumen front light and a rear light with integrated turn signals.

Radster Road and Radster Trail

The Radster is the newest electric bike from Rad Power Bikes. Offered in either a Road or Trail model, the Radster is the ultimate do it all bike amongst the lineup.

The torque sensor seen in these new models is most noticed on the Radster. Choosing between Class 1, 2, or 3, the Radster has a very natural pedal feel that pushes up to 100Nm of torque to get you up those very steep sustained hills with ease.

A SR Suntour fork and high volume tires makes the Raster a very comfortable bike to ride all day long. With two frame sizes to choose from, the Radster is truly Rad Power’s first do anything bike.

The Road model has 29″ wheels with durable puncture resistant tires for all sorts of urban riding and light offroad use. Although with a Trail model available with 27.5″ mountain bike tires on it, if offroad riding is anywhere remotely on your riding agenda, the Trail will be more suitable for aggressive terrain.