Riding shorts for everyday wear

The ORNOT Lightweight Mission short, is a flexible and fast drying breathable short built for summer adventures. From gravel rides to getting groceries, they not only function well, they look good. Without a giant label and a bunch of bells and whistles, these minimal shorts are a great companion for hot days.

ORNOT has been around since 2013, making their name in the cycling world with casual riding gear that is sustainably made in San Francisco, CA. Since then their catalog has expanded to more technical riding gear and adding to their casual riding lineup. They have achieved making breathable gear, with minimal branding and quality materials without costing an arm and a leg to do so.

Since summer has started, these lightweight shorts have found themselves on the forefront of every ride, from the asphalt to the trails and even a few swim spots along the way.

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The Ornot Lightweight Mission shorts come in three different colors, and in even sizes from 28 to 38. For those that tend to be lost knowing what size they should get, Ornot’s sizing is true to size and they have easy to understand measurements to find the right size.

As someone who doesn’t like shorts dragging over their knees or the feeling of swimming in shorts because they are so baggy, the ORNOT Lightweight Mission shorts are short and slim fitting. The 8.5″ inseam is what I consider an ideal length, resting above the knee.

The shorts have a four pocket design, two open trouser pockets up front and two zippered pockets in the rear. The front pockets are deep enough to hold a cell phone and secure enough to not lose it while out riding rowdy trails. I try not to ride with a phone in the pocket, but sometimes it happens and it’s nice to know you won’t be hiking to look for it later.

As a lighter short, the ORNOT Lightweight Mission short does not compromise on durability. The bluesign® approved Recycled 4-way stretch fabric is 85% Nylon / 15% Elastane. Allowing them to be extremely breathable on hot summer rides, fast drying, and noticeably stretchy. If you happen to take a spill on the trails, the material is durable enough to take the impact.

The construction of the Lightweight Mission shorts is made for cycling. With a full panel gusset designed specifically for riding they won’t break down like your Levi’s when you start putting the miles in.

“You should be a billboard, ORNOT.” As a person that doesn’t seek out massive graphics on my clothing, especially giant brand logos, the ORNOT philosophy resonates with me. Letting their craftsmanship and quality be the focus, not a giant logo.

Being offered exclusively in even sizes, I myself am an odd size and had to size up. To help keep them snug and in place I’ve been using the ORNOT Stretch Belt that has a really cool magnetic clasp that latches it together. It also being stretchy lets me snug it up to keep the shorts in place but not be restricted in motion if the body needs to stretch a certain way while riding.

When the rides are hot and sweat is pouring from all over, the shorts dry quickly helping to keep you cool. As a bonus, jumping into the river for a quick cool down they are hardly indistinguishable from most board shorts and you can swim to your heart’s content knowing they will dry quickly, maybe even before you get back to riding.

I’ve had my fair share of riding shorts over the years, and I’ve never had the luxury of getting a pair that I wear as often casually as I do riding. Both the Mission Short and the Lightweight Mission Short are designed to fill that void. Between riding, swimming, camping, and even mowing the lawn, they have found themselves quickly becoming the most worn shorts of the summer.

For mountain bikers, I’m sure there will be some fuss about the 8.5″ inseam. When wearing knee pads they still cover down past the top of most knee pads and for myself they don’t bind up or catch on the top of the pad itself. When taking a fall, this lets the knee pad take the impact and do the work while the shorts stay right above the crux of the protection area of the pad itself.

Sure a pair of more affordable shorts can be found at just about any store, but quality and sustainability from a brand in their products are not. ORNOT is on a short list of brands that purposes to manufacture their products consciously. Although they may not be for everyone, the ORNOT Mission Lightweight short is a great short that can take on whatever summer can throw at it.

Price: $126
Sizing: 28,30, 32, 34, 36, 38
Colors: Obsidian, Stone Blue, Slate
Website: ornotbike.com

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