Cycling Jersey and Bib made so you don’t look like a billboard

You could be a rolling billboard, Ornot. Ornot was founded in San Francisco in 2013 to counter the cycling kits that had massive logos on them. Ornot emphasizes high quality products made with certified traceable recycled or natural fibers. In their newest release, Ornot introduces some new technical cycling gear for those hot summer riding adventures. Here is our review of the Ornot Lightweight Work Jersey and Cargo Bib Short.

The Lightweight Work Jersey

The Ornot Lightweight Work Jersey is designed to help you stay cool when riding in hot weather. This jersey is highly efficient at wicking away moisture, keeping you dry as you sweat. The use of open-knit mesh fabric in its construction enables effective moisture management and quick drying.

The jersey is crafted using 100% bluesign®-approved recycled fabric. The Lightweight Work Jersey uses 8 bottles worth of recycled plastic per jersey. Additionally, the YKK recycled nylon zipper ensures durability and sustainability in its design.

In terms of storage, the jersey offers three rear pockets, providing ample storage space for your cycling essentials. Lastly, there is some rear reflective detailing to enhance your visibility, promoting safety during low-light conditions.

The Cargo Bib Short

The Ornot Cargo Bib Short features recycled fabric that has bluesign® approval. The endurance pad, certified by Oeko-Tex and meticulously crafted from recycled fibers, ensures both lasting comfort and environmental responsibility. The bib straps are designed to be stretchy and soft, providing a pliable and comfortable fit for all day wear.

As for storage, the Cargo Bib Short has four total pockets. One on each side of the legs and then two on the back up the bib short in the mid back area. These four pockets ensure you have ample storage for your ride. The Cargo Bib Short is is made to perform like a normal bib, just with pockets.

An innovative silicone-free leg gripper is seamlessly integrated, assuring a secure grip around your leg. The added reflective detailing on the leg helps you be seen in those low light conditions. With a sun protection factor of 35 UPF, the Cargo Bib Short delivers effective shielding against harmful UV rays when out on those all day rides.

Our Thoughts

It had been a long time since I have added a new pair of bibs and a jersey into my cycling wardrobe. The Ornot Lightweight Work Jersey and Cargo Bib Short arrived just in time for those hot summer rides. After riding many months in baggier, more casual clothing around town, it was a nice change getting into a fresh bib and jersey.

The Ornot Lightweight Work Jersey has a premium feel with its lightweight and soft fabric. The open knit mesh has a nice dimpled look, and when held up to the light is pretty sheer. The fit of the jersey was on par with the fit chart on the Ornot website. I am in between sizes for many brands, but opted for the smaller size for the more form fitting fit.

This jersey was used on rides that I knew were going to be warm. At first, it feels a bit chilly like you are wearing a thin base layer. But, as you warm up and get further on the ride the breathability is welcomed and enjoyed. The sleeve length hits the happy medium of being just over mid bicep, which I enjoy. Over the course of a few longer rides I never felt any discomfort with the jersey.

The Cargo Bib Short offers a quality hand feel, combining aesthetics with a comfortable feel on the skin. The leg length is ideal, and the bib straps provide a comfortable fit that maintains the bibs securely without excessive tightness. At first feel, I had some concern about the chamois pads stiffness. But, after a few rides, it proves to be soft and comfortable during longer rides.

Equally important to the comfort was the bib shorts ease and ability to hold snacks. Additionally, the rear pockets are more suitable for storing soft items like gloves since they are a little less accessible than the side pockets. With that in mind, it is easier to use these rear pockets while riding with a technical shirt, rather then a tight fitting jersey.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really like the look and feel of Ornots Lightweight Work Jersey and Cargo Bib Short. The minimal branding and not over the top colors are great and can go with many different bike colors. The breathability and comfort of the Lightweight Work jersey make it my go-to for hotter rides in the summer. The rear pockets don’t hold as many items as other jerseys I own comfortably, but that is part of picking the slimmer fit. Nevertheless, paired with the Cargo bib shorts they are a great match.

As for the Cargo Bib Short, I will be using them for adventures into the fall when I want to be able to carry a few extra things on me. Ornot has done a great job with these new products, ensuring sustainable practices with good looking cycling apparel. The Lightweight jersey comes in at a price that won’t break the bank for $98. Although the Cargo Bib Short does come with a higher sticker price, at $184, the quality of the made in Italy short is worth it and feel durable for many more miles in them.

Lightweight Work Jersey: $98
Cargo Bib Short: $184
Sizing: XS-XXL